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In History
  • 1500

    Early Optic

    Early Optic
    The simple glass lenses on the camera, Da Vinci designed a sketch about these
  • First Photograph

    First Photograph
    This was a picture taken by Joseph Nicephore while looking out his window. He used a metal sheet and spread chemicals all over it to make the picture come out.
  • Camera Film

    Camera Film
    The first camera film was in the process in 1885, and used before they switched to celluloid
  • Kodak #1

    Kodak #1
    George Eastmen, who was a bank clerk, came up with the first film camera. It was just a simple box with a lense
  • Motion Pictures

    Motion Pictures
    The 1st motion picture was made by Thomas Edison and is how we make animation videos today
  • Leica 1

    Leica 1
    This was the first commercially available 35 mm camera, which was sold to the public a yea after creation
  • Ampex VRX-1000

    Ampex VRX-1000
    The video recorder was using 2 inch tapes, and it was only available/affordable to TV networks
  • Kodak Digital Camera

    Kodak Digital Camera
    In Winter of 1975 the first digital camera was made, and a little later they got mass produced by Kodak
  • Phone Photography

    Phone Photography
    A man named Phillipe Kahn created the camera phone and took a photo of his new born daughter, then have it sent to over 2,000 people in the world
  • Camera of 2020

    Camera of 2020
    The photography of 2020 is very advanced, including different styles of photos, like black and white. People use special cameras for different special effects
  • Description

    Photographers take pictures and videos of people, places or events that are happening, and tell stories through their pictures.
  • Duties

    Take pics, edit pictures, set up camera equipment, promote business, make clients happy
  • Tools/Techniques

    Camera, tri-pod, flash, patience, lenses, shutters