Phillis Wheatley

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    Phillis Wheatley

  • Born

    She was born in West Africa in the year 1754. Her name was not orginial Phillis Wheatley . She got her first name from the slave ship and her last name from the Wheatley Family .
  • Education

    She was taught by Mr. Wheatley's 8 year old daughter .
  • Enslaved

    She was enslaved & taken to Boston. She was about seven or eight years old . She was also onboard a slave ship. She was stolen from her home in West Africa.
  • Wrote a poem the the king

    Phillis wrote her first poem when she was just thirteen years old. In 1768 she wrote other poem to the king's most execllent majesty, which was dedicated to Geroge the 3.
  • Known for her poetry

    She was now known for her peotry. She became an instant hit in Boston. She received great admiration and acclaim for her work .
  • Court

    Shw was in court because her literary capabilities surpirsed many whites, for whom intelligence was not synonymous with black people.
  • Freedom

    She had gained her freedom from slavery.
  • Her first book

    She had published her first book. She had went to London to try to get it published. The Countess of Huntington and Earl of Dartmouth helped her publish it. She was the first African American women to publish a book under her name
  • Leaving London

    She had to leave London because of Mrs. Wheatley was ill.
  • Recite her poem

    She recited her poem in front of George Washington.
  • Thanks from George Washington

    George Washington invitied her to his home for the thanks of the poem that she recited.
  • Married

    She had got married to another free African American slave named John Peters.
  • Ode to Wheatley

    An African American poet wrote and ode to Wheatley. He never mention himself but he explain what they had in common .
  • Her husband left her.

    Her husband left her because she was pregnant again.
  • Death

    She died because she was having complications at childbirth and shortly after her baby died too.