Personal Technology

By EmmansJ
  • Encounter of the TV kind

    Encounter of the TV kind
    First time I can remember seeing a television. I have absolutely no recollection of what was on at the time.
  • First Gameboy

    First Gameboy
  • Acquiring a Nintendo 64

    Acquiring a Nintendo 64
    The only game I will always remember for this console is Super Smash Brothers 64.
  • First Contact

    First Contact
    I used to use one of these to call my friends while going through elementary school.
  • First Computer

    First Computer
    Yes, it was a Gateway.
  • Gamecube

  • First Laptop

    First Laptop
    It was heavy, awkard, and had a smaller screen than some of the newer laptops but it ran everything I gave it extremely fast.
  • First Stereo System

    First Stereo System
  • Xbox

  • Wii