Period5, Bleacher Herr, history of earth.

  • (5BYA) Solar System

    (5BYA) Solar System
    Solar system occured and the sun began to form by material.
  • (4.6) earth

    (4.6) earth
    Earth began to form by colliding with space debris.
  • (4BYA) Organic molecules

    (4BYA) Organic molecules
    organic molecules accumulate old rocks and crystals
  • (4BYA) Archaeal species

    (4BYA) Archaeal species
    Archael species populated earth like the cellular life did when earth began.
  • (3.5BYA) Stromatolites

    (3.5BYA) Stromatolites
    lynbgya cells grew and formed stromatolites.
  • (3BYA) photosynthesis

    (3BYA) photosynthesis
    some forms of life became photosynthetic.
  • (2.2BYA) Earth

    (2.2BYA) Earth
    earth appeared much as it is to this day.
  • Period: to

    (2/1.5BYA) Endosymbiosis

    Aerobic prokaryote was engulfed and began to live and reproduce inside of a larger anerobic prokaryotes. (Endosymbiosis)
  • (2BYA) oxygen

    (2BYA) oxygen
    oxygen levels reached todays level.
  • (1BYA) ozone layer

    (1BYA) ozone layer
    Ozone layer formed to protected organisms from harmful UV light.
  • 1600's - 1700's Redi

    1600's - 1700's Redi
    Redi tested the priniciple of bigenesis by having an open container with meat inside, and a closed container with meat inside to see if the meat produces maggots.
  • 1600's - 1700's microscopes

    1600's - 1700's microscopes
    Scientist began to use microscopes.
  • 1700's - 1800's Spallanzani

    1700's - 1800's Spallanzani
    Spallanzani's experiment tested the spontaneous generation and found out that microorganisms are created by other microorganisms.
  • 1800's - 1900's Pasteur

    1800's - 1900's Pasteur
    Pasteur developed an experiment that showed biogenesis is true and spontaneous generation was false.
  • 1900's - Present oparin

    1900's - Present oparin
    Oparin develeped a hypothesis about the conditions for formation of organic molecules on early earth.
  • 1900's - presents urey and miller

    1900's - presents urey and miller
    Urey and miller formed an experiment to test oparin's hypothesis on all the gases that he thought made up organic compounds.
  • 1900's - present Fox

    1900's - present Fox
    Sydney Fox did research and found the physical structures that may have began the rise of the 1st cells.
  • 1900's - present radiometric dating

    1900's - present radiometric dating
    invented radiometric dating to find out or establish the age of materials from early earth.
  • 1900's - present lynn

    1900's - present lynn
    Lynn Margulis proposed a theory that early prokaryotic cells may have developed a relationship which is endosymbiosis.
  • 1900's- Present Cech

    1900's- Present Cech
    Thomas cech found a RNA in an unicellular eukaryote and acts as a chemical catalysts.