Period 2, Daub and Monka, History of Earth

  • (5BYA) Solar System

    (5BYA) Solar System
    Soloar System began to form, and before that it was a swirling mass of gas and dust.
  • (4.6 BYA) The Earth

    (4.6 BYA) The Earth
    The earth began to form by colliding with spare debris.
  • (4 BYA) Organic molecules

    (4 BYA) Organic molecules
    Organic molecules began to accumlate oldest rocks and crystals about 4 BYA
  • (4 BYA) Archaea

    (4 BYA) Archaea
    Archaea are thought to be smilar to the the type of cellular life that first populated earth
  • (3.5 BYA) Fossils

    (3.5 BYA) Fossils
    Fossils of stromatolites are known.
  • (3 BYA) Forms of Life

    (3 BYA) Forms of Life
    Forms of life had beocome photosyntheic.
  • (2.2 BYA) Earth

    (2.2 BYA) Earth
    Earth probably appeared much as it does today.
  • (2 BYA) Prokaryote

    (2 BYA) Prokaryote
    The prokayote that was engulfed reporduced inside of a larger, anaerobic prokaryote.
  • (1.5 BYA) Prokayote

    (1.5 BYA) Prokayote
    A small aerobic prokayote was engulfed.
  • (1600-1700) Microscope

    (1600-1700)  Microscope
    First microscope was made in 1609. Redis experiment by keeping 2 jars of open and one was closed to see if a fly came out of the meat- 1668
  • (1700-1800) Spallazani

    (1700-1800) Spallazani
    Spallazani one of the first to disprove spontaneous generation. An italian scientist who proved microoganism could be killed by boiling-1767.
  • (1800-1900) Fox

    (1800-1900) Fox
    Fox did extended research physical structures that may have formed the first cells. Pasteur's experiment-1895 microorganisms were carried by dust not air.
  • (1900-Present) Lynn

    (1900-Present) Lynn
    Lynn Margulis theory on he origin of eukaryotic organelles and her contributions to the endesymbictec theory. 1930- opar in hypothesis was that the atmosphere of early earth was largely of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor. Thomas cech discovery of the cataytic properties of RNA. 1912- urey and miller stimulated hypothetical condtions though at the time to present on the early earth. Radiometric dating is technique used to date things, such as rocks.