Perfect CHemistry

  • exposition

    Time- during a school year
    place- flairton high school
    main: Alejandro (alex), & Brittney
    extra: Mrs. Peterson, colin, hecter, brittneys friends, shelly &brittneys parents.
  • Period: to

    Perfect chemistry

  • first day of school

    First brittney runs into Alex in the parking lot and making a commotion because of a parking spot she was going to take but he took it .
    Second they are assigned partners in chemistry and have to do the senior project together.
  • Alex's friends...

    They see him with brittney alot more because he is partners with her so they give him a challenge.
  • Rising action

    Alex and his buddies are at enriques body shop
    they all agther up to talk and they ask whats going on with him and brittney. Alex says nothin we are just partners for chemistry thats all and they say okay so we challenge you to get in her pants before thanksgiving break.
    he says okay deal.
  • Brittneys view

    She is not to fond of Alex but she has to stick with him just for chemistry class to get a good grade, but one day she notices hes more flirty and she wounders why.
  • after a couple days

    The class goes to the library and does some research on the project they have to do. Alex and Brittney end up isolating them selves and they end up gazing into each others eyes and start to see the real them with out them explaning anything
  • another day.

    Brittney tells Alex she wants to meet him at the public library at 10 on saturday morning she said he must be there or she is calling off the project.
  • Library day

    Alex is there at 9:45 and no show of Brittney yet..
    10:30 passes no show...
    11 passes still nothing
    so he decides to show up at her house and see if shes just ditching him or a test to see if he is committed to the project.
  • a couple hours later.

    He is on Brittneys front step, knocking on her door. Her mom answers all rude to tell him she is not home and from there she slams the door in his face to make him feel stupid.
  • That monday

    Brittney tells Alex she is really sorry for not showing up and telling him her excuse.
    alex was just saying things she wouldve said if he didnt show up.(mocking her) but he was just playing around with her Colin (brittneys boyfriend) kept telling him to stop flirting with his girlfriend but of course the gang banger ALex doesnt listen.
  • Climax

    Alex is seeing the true Brittney and who she really is at home. because at school she is "Miss Perfecta" Brittney relizes she doesnt want to be "Miss Perfecta" any more she wants to be herself and she feels the need not to impress any one anymore
  • The break up

    Brittney has dumped her boyfriend colin.
    she relized all he wanted was "sex" any type of sex from her and she wouldnt because she knew he wasnt the one she loved.
  • Now.

    Brittney and alex have kissed been to each others house and have seen the true them.
    They have become intimate and they only think of each other in their heads.
  • Drug issues

    Alex has been in some Drug related issues (and gangs)
    so he has been hurt an rushed to the hospital.
  • At the hospital

    Brittney was there the whole time with Alex's family there too but she was always by his side until he woke up.
  • Falling action

    Alex asked his family to leave the room so he could talk to Brittney alone
    he flat out told her the truth about the bet and how he didnt want to be involved with her. She couldnt believe it she kept questioning it and it was so she left crying.
    Alex wanted to get up and chase her saying "but im truely in love with you now" but he cant
  • shocked

    Brittney couldnt believe what she heard but she tryed to move on after awhile. she stays away and has him do his own half of the project and she does hers.
  • no school

    Alex hasnt been to school after his accident but Brittney feels more relieved she doesnt have to see him but of course scared she still likes him and wants to know he is okay.
  • a little at a time

    Brittney and Alex start to communicate very little but no so much to were she would ever do anything with him again.
    she was devasted to know her first time being intimate with someone was with a guy who made a bet.
  • Resolution

    He ends up surpricing her and telling her all he wanted too the day at the hospital (the good stuff) and they end up back together slowly but surely.
  • Theme

    You may think things are fun in games now but the one you would never imagen to be with is the one who will stand out to you more out of the whole crowd. for example: Alex is a straight gang banger and falls for the high school pom pons captin.