Change in pollution over the past 75 years

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    Effects, Causes, and important people in global warming

  • Smog over Los Angeles

    Smog over Los Angeles
    During the 1950s, a California researcher proposed that the smog in the city was due to car emissions. The emissions of cars have been lower in the past 75 years as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has set standards for how much can be released per mile.
  • Rachel Carson book (The Sea Around Us)

    Rachel Carson book (The Sea Around Us)
    Rachel Carson wrote and talked a lot about how fracking and coal mining have polluted our earth and even killed people. Carson talked a lot about the rising sea levels and their effects, but not many people listened since she was a woman, and at that time women held less power.
  • Guy Stewart Callendar

    Guy Stewart Callendar
    Callendar augured that carbon dioxide was a big cause of the rising temperatures, which they call global warming. He realized it was going to keep on rising from the carbon by using Callendar’s calculations. He was met with skepticism but managed to convince a few people, and without his help, we might know less about global warming than we do today.
  • The Panic about global cooling

    The Panic about global cooling
    The earth is not cooling down but heating up as greenhouse gases are raising its temperature, but during the 1970s they thought differently. Scientists believed that if not enough greenhouse gases were released and they went below the even line, it would eventually cause another ice age. Even though it's not shrinking but rising dramatically, it's still a scary thought to think about.NASA
  • Co2 emissions

    Co2 emissions
    Since 1970, CO2 emissions have increased by over 90%, with most coming from fossil fuels and industrial processes. Industrial processes have caused 78% of the increase in CO2 emissions as the need for things has increased.
  • Bees

    Bees help pollute our world, but the effects of solutions have drastically dwindled their numbers. Researchers in the 1980s discovered that bees would rather go to the less polluted area to gather pollen than the more polluted area. The more we pollute our planet, the less pollution the bees will gather from the healthy plants, causing their and our deaths. Bees
  • Deforestation

    Deforestation has caused a dramatic increase in global warming as trees absorb CO2, but cutting them down has caused CO2 to build up. The avoidance of CO2 causes plants to die and people to get sick. Over the past 40 years, we have slowed the deforestation of our forests, but it is still a big problem we have to overcome.
  • Wild fires caused by global warming

    Wild fires caused by global warming
    Around 1985, wildfires tripled due to global warming as they dried the environment, making it more susceptible to catching fire. One of the recent fires was in California, which was devastating to the ecosystem.
  • The biggest hole in are ozone

    The biggest hole in are ozone
    Over the past 100 years, we have slowly degraded our ozone layer to the point that it could never be fixed. The hole in the ozone was caused by all of the bad greenhouse gases released during the industrial era. Since around 2010, the ozone layer has begun to heal itself and is expected to be almost healed by 2040. Nasa
  • Droughts across the US

    Droughts across the US
    Due to the rise in global temperatures, droughts have become more common around the world. Since 2000 they have been rising in numbers as dryer climates don't get the little water they normally get. The less water these places get, the more their land will dry up and become completely unusable.
  • David Attenborough

    David Attenborough
    David Attenborough has created a bunch of documentaries about global warming and its effects. Each documentary has its own unique feel, as they were made with the actual intent to change the world. Attenborough's first documentary about global warming was "State of the Planet," which was released in 2000. Britannica
  • Hottest year on record

    Hottest year on record
    The year 2022 is the hottest year to date, with the highest-recorded temperature being 129.9 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley, California. From all the wildfires and droughts, it's no surprise it's California. If we continue to ignore climate change and not fix the pollution causing it, we will continue to see an increase in temperature. NASA
  • Ohio train carrying hazardous materials derailed

    Ohio train carrying hazardous materials derailed
    A train traveling through Ohio derailed, spilling tons of hazardous materials everywhere, which started to pollute the area. This wouldn't have happened if the company had marked the train correctly and taken the right precautions to keep it contained. Later, it got set on fire, spreading the chemicals even farther to other states by polluting the air even more. NewYorkTimes