• (5 BYA) Creation of Solar System

    (5 BYA) Creation of Solar System
    There was a swirling mass of gas and dust that exploded out and because of this different particles formed the planets and the sun.
  • (4.6 BYA) Creation of the Earth

    (4.6 BYA) Creation of the Earth
    Earth begins to form and grows by colliding with space debris.The explosion which first formed it created the early Earth that constantly changed, but this Earth is more stable.
  • (4 BYA) Creation of Atmosphere

    (4 BYA) Creation of Atmosphere
    The atmosphere was made by volcanoes emitting gas.
  • (4 BYA) Beginning of Life

    (4 BYA)  Beginning of Life
    Cellular life first populates the Earth, because the atmosphere was formed and allows the life to live.
  • (3.5 BYA)

    (3.5 BYA)
    Fossils of stromatolites were found and stromatolites are layered structures that grow in colonies.
  • (3 BYA) Life Becomes Photosynthetic

    (3 BYA) Life Becomes Photosynthetic
    Forms of life become photosynthetic and are similar to cyanobacteria.
  • (2.2 BYA) Earth Looks As it Does Today

    (2.2 BYA) Earth Looks As it Does Today
    Earth probably appeared as it did today.
  • (2BYA) Oxygen Levels Increase

    (2BYA)  Oxygen Levels Increase
    Oxygen reaches today's levels, but was harmful to life on Earth.
  • (1.5 BYA) First Eukaryote

    (1.5 BYA) First Eukaryote
    The first eukaryote was created because a small prokaryote was engulfed by a larger prokaryote and began to live and reproduce inside it. This is called endosymbiosis
  • (1 BYA) Ozone forms

    (1 BYA) Ozone forms
    Ozone (O3) forms and protects organisms from harmful UV rays so they can exist on land. Organisms start attatching oxygen to other things so that it wouldn't damage enzymes, which could have been the beginning of aerobic respiration.
  • (1600-1700)

    Scientists began to study the rock layers which is strata. French anatomist George Cuvier spent years researching and biogenesis-all living things come from other living things.
  • (1700-1800)

    all species are permanent and unchanging, the earth is only thousands of years old
  • (1800-1900)

    Oparin and Haldane thought that the early atmosphere contained ammonia and compounds made of hydrogen and carbon. -Charles Darwin develops evolution by seeing the same species of bird but varied a little to meet it’s needs on two different islands
    -natural selection
    -Gregory Mendel and genetics
  • (1900-present)

    1953- an experiment was set up using Oparin’s hypothesis. A chamber containing gases that were present in the earth’s atmosphere. As GASSES CIRCULATED IN THE CHAMBER, ELECTRIC SPARKS SUPPLIED ENERGY TO START THE CHEMICAL REACTIONS.
    (Oparin’s hypothesis- at high temperatures, these gases might have formed simple organic compounds, such as amino acids). the double helix of DNA is discovered.