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patapon tribe

  • Oct 13, 1346


    patapons with mighty ones help conqer any foe in there way to earthend
  • Period: Oct 13, 1346 to

    patapon timeline

    the patapons quet from begining to earthend
  • Dec 18, 1347

    the fall of patapole

    the fall of patapole
    the karmen destroy the patapons home patapole the patapon flee to a new land
  • Jan 1, 1348


    the patapon tribe faces destruction by the zigotons many are taken captive or killed
  • Apr 13, 1439

    mighty one returns

    mighty one returns
    a lone hatapon hearing mighty ones drums give the pata drum to mighty one an retart quest for earthend
  • May 16, 1439

    aiton and makoton

    two zigotons at a desert outpost aiton was killed sending makoton into depresion in his wifes death and he vowed revenge against the patapons
  • Aug 15, 1439


    makoton sold his soul making him imortal as long as babaan the devil was not killed he is now known as scorpiton