Panama 2

Panama and the US 1989

By blucody
  • Declaration of Independance

    Declaration of Independance
    Panama issued a declaration of independance from Colombia with the help of the US government.
  • Manuel Controls Elections

    Manuel Controls Elections
    Once Manuel became head of the National Guard he had seized control of his country. From then on he was able to build up the military and manage elections so he could control the winning presidents.
  • Noriega accused

    Noriega accused
    Noriega was accused of talking with Columbian producers by a former officer of the PDF(panamanian defense force). US responded to this by stopping trade with Panama which took an extensive toll on the US.
  • Dream of Panama Invasion

    Dream of Panama Invasion
    The American has dreamed that during the invasion the US military would be well trained and be able to overthrow Manuel Noriega.
  • Cheif executive officer

    Cheif executive officer
    Manuel Noriega was given the title cheif executive officer of the government by the legislator.
  • US troops to Panama

    US troops to Panama
    George Bush appointed US troops to Panama to seize Noriega to face drug charges. The troop were sent to protect american lives and their property. Also to try and restore Panamanian liberties.
  • Invasion

    This is the day the invasion took place, US invades Panama and mainly focused on Norieg's headquarters.
  • Arrestation of Manuel Noriega

    Arrestation of Manuel Noriega
    Manuel Noriega surrendered, was tried and then taken to jail for 40 years in Miami for drug trafficking charges.