Panama (1989)

  • Decline

    President Bush declines rumors of the possible invasion of Panama,
  • U.S Plans Invasion of Panama

    The United States invades Panama, known as the "Just Cause" operation. This was durinig the administration fof president George H. W. Bush. Bush had four reasons for the invasion, saftey of the U.S citizens in Panama, defending democracy and human rights, combat drug traficing, and protecting the integraty of the Torjitos.
  • U.S sends military personal into Panam

    U.S sends military personal into Panam
    U.S sent 21,786 military troops into Panama for the invasion. December 20th was the day that the invasion occured. 300 military aircrafts were also sent in, hope for the Panamanian people became very unlikely. The leader for Panama was Manuel Noriega.
  • U.S media

    U.S media failed to report the deaths of thousands of Panamanian civilians in the invasion of Panama. (Ended up being 3,000-5,000)
  • Capture of Noriega

    Manuel Noriega was captured by the U.S men, he was immediatly flown to the U.S.
  • Panama Surrenders

    Because of the capture of Panamas leader, Manuel Noriega, the Panamanian government decided to surrender to the United States. Resulting in a United States victory.
  • Noriega is convicted

    Manuel Noriege was tried and convicted in Miamifor a 40 year jail sentence. He was guilty on counts of drug-trafficing.