Paleozoic "Time of New Life"

Timeline created by tbaby94
  • Jan 1, 1111

    Beginning of the Paleozoic Era

    Beginning of the Paleozoic Era
    The beginning of the Paleozoic Era. It spans from 541MYA to 251 MYA.
  • Jan 1, 1112

    Cambrian Life

    Cambrian Life
    The first hard shelled animals appeared during the Cambrian, around 530 million years ago. This picture is a trilobite.
  • Jan 1, 1113

    Tommotian Stage

    Tommotian Stage
    534-530 MYA Animals with shells appeared. This is a picture of a creature (trilobite) in the Tommotian Stage of the paleozoic era
  • May 8, 1114

    Ordovician Period

    Ordovician Period
    488-443 MYA
    First vertebrates appear in the ocean.
    First green plants and fungi on land.
    Jawless fish
    2nd mass extinction. This is a picture during the Ordovician Period
  • Jan 1, 1115

    Silurian Period

    Silurian Period
    443-416 MYA
    Stabilization of the earth's climate
    - Coral reefs appeared
    - First fish with jaws - sharks
    - Insects and plants appear on land
  • May 8, 1116

    Devonian Period "The Green House Period"

    Devonian Period "The Green House Period"
    416-359 MYA
    First amphibians appear
    Wingless insects appeared on land
    Formation of the first forests
    Ferns and seed-bearing plants (gymnosperms) appeared
  • Jan 1, 1117

    Carboniferous Period

    Carboniferous Period
    359-299 MYA
    350 mya: Beginning of Karoo ice age
    Large primitive trees develop
    Forests consist of ferns, club mosses, horsetails, and gymnosperms.
    Oxygen levels increase
    Vertebrates appear on land
    First winged insects.
    Seas covered parts of the continents
    Animals laying amniote eggs appear
  • Jan 1, 1118

    Permian Period

    Permian Period
    299-251 MYA
    275 mya: Formation of the supercontinent Pangea
    Conifers and cycads first appear
    Earth is cold and dry
  • Jan 1, 1119

    Permian period

    Permian period
    The Permian ended with the most catastrophic extinction that life on Earth has ever seen - the Permian-Triassic extinction event, which happened about 251 million years ago. About 90-95% of all marine species and about 70% of all land species became extinct.