Paleolithic/Neolithic Age Timeline

  • 1856

    In Germany limestone workers found fossilized bone fragments (Neandrathals)
  • Period: to

    * Paleolithic Age

    Lasted from about 2.5 million - 8000 B.C < (THE OLDEST STONE AGE)
  • 1922-34

    Leonard wooley discovered a long lost civilization of Ur.
  • 1950

    Robert Braidwood concluded at a dig site called Jarmo that an agricultural settlement was built there 9000 yrs ago.
  • 1958

    Archeologists discovered an agricultural village known as Catal Hyuk
  • 1960

    Mary & Louis Leaky discovererd a hominid fossil named Olduvai
  • 1974

    Donald Johansan discovered a unusually complete skeleton of an adult female hominid, who she gave the nickname "Lucy" , she was dated to have lived about 3.5 million yrs ago, she was the oldest hominid found at that point.
  • 1978

    Mary Leaky and her expedition team found prehistoric footprints that resembled those of modern humans (a.k.a australopithecines or hominids)
  • 1991

    Iceman and man-made tools discovered, estimated to be 5000 yrs. old
  • Australopithecines

    exsisted from 4 million- 1 million B.C
  • Homo Habilis

    Lived from 2.5 million - 1.5 million B.C
  • Homo erectus

    lived from 1.6 million - 30000 B.C
  • Neandrathal

    Lived from 200000- 30000B.C
  • Cro-Magnum

    lived from 40000- 8000 B.C
  • Period: to

    *Neolithic Age

    Began about 8000 B.C and ended as early as 3000 B.C/ people who lived during the second phase of the stone age learned to polish stone tools, make pottery, grow crops, raise animals.