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  • Begining of Life

    Begining of Life
    Born in Kosciusko, Mississippi. She was born out of wedlock.
    Father: Vernon Winfrey, a coal miner.
    Mother: Vernita Lee, a housemaid.
    Later in life she was raised on a farm by her grandmother.
  • The start of a new life!

    The start of a new life!
    Moved from Milwaukee to live with her mother, stepsister and stepbrother in an inner city ghetto in Mississippi.
  • Troubled Teen

    Troubled Teen
    Oprah was raped by her cousin and victimized by other sexual predators. Oprah ran away from home, ran wild and narrowly escaped being sent to a juvenile detention center.
    During this time she gave birth to a premature boy, who died soon after birth. She then moved to Nashville, Tennessee with her father and her stepmother Zelma.
  • College Life

    College Life
    She won a scholarship to Tennessee State University based on her communication skills and worked at the WVOL local news station whilst attending the University of Tennessee. Also was granted the name of "First Miss Black Tennessee."
  • Getting Started

    Getting Started
    She left college before graduating to accepet a job in Baltimore. she worked as a reporter at WJZ-TV on the evening news program.Galye King became her best friend.
  • Taken Off

    Taken Off
    At WJZ-TV Oprah was taken off the evening program and made cohost of the morning show "People Are Talking"
  • The Meeting

    The Meeting
    Oprah met Stedman Graham, who was to become "significant other".She also met quincy Jones, who offered her role of Sophia in The Color Purple, for which she became an Oscar nominee
  • The Oprah Purpose

    The Oprah Purpose
    Named Broadcaster of the Year by the International Television and Radio Society, Oprah was the youngest person to receive the award.She begun to produce company Harpo, she purchased the studio and production company. She bought a farm in Indiana. In later years she purchased two other homes, one in Colorado and one in California
  • New Friends

    New Friends
    Oprah made the documentary Scared Silent. She also meet Bob Greene, who became her fitness trainer and friend
  • More . . .

    More . . .
    Knopf published In The Kitchen With Rosie, a cookbook written by Oprah's chef with some input from Oprah. Bob Greene's book Make The Connection was published under the names of Bob Greene and Oprah Winfrey
  • And More . . .

    And More . . .
    Oprah created "Angel Network" Oprah appered in and produced the television film Before Women Had Wings. Oprah gave the commencement address at Welesley Coege, from which Stedman Graham's daughter was graduating. Art Smith became Oprah's chef and wrote a cookbook.
  • Reaching HIgher

    Reaching HIgher
    The symbol is picked because a "Fighter". She comes from one part of life and never stops reaching higher.As a young child she dreamed to reach high. And my her dreaming and beliving look at her now.She has become a succesful African American women. In which she came from nothing to something.
  • "At The Top"

    "At The Top"
    The "Lion" is a symbol of oprah. The lion is known to be at the top of the kingdom. She is a women full of courage. Sshe is also full of wisdom , she stands with pride and dignity.
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