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Operating System: Microsoft Windows

  • The Beggining

    Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft Windows, is born.
  • The first announcement

    Gates announces the development of microsoft windows.
  • Released

    Microsoft windows 1.0 was realeased to the public ans was sold for $100.00
  • 2nd Step

    Microsoft Windows 2.0 was released tot he public for the same amount as the 1.0 version ($100.oo)
  • 386

    Windows/386 was released to the public initially for 100 dollars as well
  • 286

    Windows 286 was released to the public
  • 3.0

    Windows 3,0 was released
    -the full version was sont for 149.95$
    -the upgraded version was sold for 79.95 $.
  • A change of name

    Microsoft changes OS/2 to "windows NT" ( note that this change occuerd in 1991 but htere is not presice month or day)
  • 3.0A

    Windows 3.0a was released to the public.
  • 3.1

    Windows 3.1 version is out on the market selling more then 1 million copies in the first 2 months.
  • 1992

    Microsoft windows for workgrounds 3.1 was released. (note that it was not released on the 18th of this moth, there was no presice day givenof whne it was relesed that moth of that year)
  • NT 3.1

    Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 was released on july of 1993.
  • Workgounds 3.11

    Microsoft windows for workgrounds is released on fabruary of 1993. (note there is no say of that month give in the sournce)
  • NT 3.5

    Microsofts windows NT 3.5 is released.
  • NT 3.51

    Microsofnt windows 3.51 is relesed to the public.
  • windows 95

    Microsofts windows 95 was released int he market selling over 4 million copies in just 4 days.
    Second version was released in 1996
  • 4.00.950A

    Micorsoft windows 95 was released (1st pack)
    2nd pack was released august 24, 1996,
    3rd pack was releaseed november 26 1997.
  • NT 4.0

    Windows NT 4.0 was released.
  • C.E.

    Microsofts windows C.E 1.0 is released on november
    The 2.0 version was released novermber 1997.
    The 3.o was released in 1999.
  • 98 SE

    microsfts window 98 was relased on may 5th of 1998.
  • windows 98

    Microsofts window 98 was released on june of 1998.
  • Microsoft window 2000

    Microsoft windows 2000 was released.
  • Millenium

    Microsofts windows ME was released.
  • windows xp

    Windows XP is introduced in october 25 of 2001.
    Windows XP for 64 bites was released on 2003.
    the media center edition was released as well in 2003.
    A 2nd version of windows media center came out in 2005
  • Windows Vista

    Micosfot announces that its progrma Longhonr woul be changed the name to windows vista strating on july 23 of 2005.
  • windows vista and office 2007

    Microsoft windows vista is released as well as office 2007.
  • Windows 7

    Microsoft releases windows 7 to the public, program which is still widely used today in 2011.