Ongoing timeline events

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    The Great Migration

    When 6 million African American migrated from the south. Left because they were being discriminated and jobs were north. Jobs created from WWI. How crime rates are high because of cites they went to with because they were poor.
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    Henry Ford begins operation of the first moving automobile assembly line 1913. Price of the car lowered to 360$ per car in1916. Half of cars in America are Model T's in 1918.
  • 18th amendment

    Prohibition the manufacture and sale of alcohol. This is the rise over crime and gangsters taking over the black market of alcohol. Women were tired of men coming home drunk and beating them.
  • 19th amendment

    Gives women the right to vote. Women fought a long and violent battle to get the right to vote. Susan be Anthony was a beaming light of women right. People didn’t want women to vote because they didn’t want two votes for men
  • Emergency Quota Act

    This reduced immigration to 3% of each race already living in the U.S. this was because of the high levels of immigration from Europe. Only was supposed to be a temporary act.
  • Radio

    There was a growing sense of excitement as broadcasting activities became more organized. people wanted a broadcast service and a broadcasting boom occurred. Over 500 stations were on by the end of the year.
  • Immigration Act

    This act reduced immigration to 2% already living in the U.S. the U.S was raciest because they didn’t like to change and didn’t like people that weren’t like them. This act was more lenient to Europe then Asians groups.
  • Telephone

    Only about a third of the U.S households had telephones. calls a day. started to make telephone poles. Telephone transmitters and receivers were first placed in the same unit
  • Black Thursday

    Stock market loses 11 percent in total value. It was caused by investors desperate to sell stock but lost it value. Only 2 percent of people invested in the stock market.
  • Black Tuesday

    stock market loses 12 more percent. This is considered the start of the great depression. 33 billion dollars were lost in two days.
  • Period: to

    Hoover Dam constructed

    This project put 40 thousand employees to work. There are copper pipes to cool the concrete when it heats up. Provided electricity to Las Vegas and LA. Created the biggest lake in California.
  • 1933 (state of economy

    This is the worst that the economy has ever been. 25% unemployment rate. ½ of all banks closed down people lost millions of dollars.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt elected President

    Said he will get us out of the depression. He created new deal to help the economy by putting people back to work. Defied what it meant to be a demarcate.
  • 21st amendment

    Overturned the 18 amendment which overturned prohibition. This is the only amendment that we overturned another amendment. They were motivated to overturn the 18th amendment because they wanted to sell and tax alcohol.
  • Television

    TV became available to the general public in the US. But no one could afford TVs because it was during the great depression. Their was only 2 main stations to view during the time.
  • Computers

    When first introduced they were so big and expensive that no one bought one. Mostly used for bankers. Alan Turing publishes "On Computable Numbers"
  • GI Bill of Rights

    This was part of new deal. FDR. understood that veterans should be taken care of. They should be able to buy a house get free education. It helped the growth of the suburbs.
  • Frisbee

    Made for kids after the Baby Boom. also called the “Pipco Flying Saucer” and “Pluto Platter.” made by William Frisbie company Wham-O
  • Internet

    1969 it was first introduced to the public. The network swich or IMP is moved to UCLA. The first internet message was sent.