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Old War Planes

By os3623
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Leonardo di Vinci

    Leonardo di Vinci
    1 Jan 1500 Leonardo da Vinci designs flying machines and parachute.
  • Abass ibn Firnas

    Abass ibn Firnas
    In 9th centurey Abbas ibn Firnas designed a winged machine, it looked like a bird costume. He was a famous muslim inventor a long time ago.
  • First Flight

    First Flight
    This plane was made by the Wright brothers and was made in 1903 December 17.
  • Old War Plane

    Old War Plane
    The first war plane was made in Amarica on 1917.
  • Present Planes

    Present Planes
    Present planes come in different sizes. They have more comfortable seating. They can carry over 500 people and have food, tv, internet and washrooms on board too. These are very different from the first planes that were invented.
    Planes have changed in materials. Modern airplanes are build from titaniom metal.
  • Future Plane

    Future Plane
    This is a design of a future plane that can fly to space. Maybe It can fly to space in five minutes.