"Of Plymouth Plantation"

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  • Bully on board dies.

    Bully on board dies.
    In the beginning of the the story there is a young man portrayed as a bully. The bully takes advantage of the sick men abooard. He is taken care of by being brought to his death. Bradford states, "But it pleased God before they came half seas over, to smite this young man with a grievous disease, of which he died in a desperate manner, and so was himself the first that was thrown overboard." (29)
  • Pilgrims set sail.

    Pilgrims set sail.
    The pilgrims set sail to reach North America. The pilgrims believe that North America will be green hills and valley's that will be great for farming. "These troubles being blown over, and now all being compact together in one ship, they put to sea again with a prosperous wind, which continued divers days together.."
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  • Ship Damaged Due to Storms at Sea.

    Ship Damaged Due to Storms at Sea.
    The next event of the story is when the storms come and damge the ship, causing the ship even more trouble. "After they had enjoyed fair winds and weather, they were encountered many times with crosswinds and met with many fierce storms with which the shrip was shroudly shaken." Next Bradford states, "So they committed themselves to the will of God and resolved to proceed."
  • The Starving Time

    The Starving Time
    Many people were getting sick from disease, about 50 people had died. This destroyed the pilgrims hope and motivation. Through all of this six or seven men had remained healthy and helped all of the sick sailors to survive. “and yet the Lord so upheld these persons as in this general calamity they were not at all infected either with sickness or with lameness.”
  • Indian Relations

    Indian Relations
    Native Americans were stealing from the pilgrims and the pilgrim and natives had never met and greeted each other. This led to them not understanding one another. A Native American, Squanto, greets the pilgrims and the two groups make piece.“but Squanto continued with them and was there interpreter and was a special instrument sent of God for their good beyond their expectation”