Of Mice and Men

  • The Great War began

    The Great War began
    World War I played a major role in the reasons for the cause of the Great Depression; as there were significant debts. The war's economic impact affected most of the globe, as did the Great Depression.
  • The economic contraction

    The economic contraction
    The United States economy began to slow considerably; prior to the great stockmarket crash of October.
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    The year following the great stock market crash, starting the year in poverty and unemployment.
  • George and Lennie arrive at the ranch

    George and Lennie arrive at the ranch
    The two men arrive at the ranch in the Salinas Valley in California for work during the Great Depression
  • Curley's impression

    Curley's impression
    The foreshadowing of the growing tension Curley feels for Lennie as they meet for the first time and Lennie's physical appearance shows as a threat to the "handy fella."
  • Established friendship with Slim

    Established friendship with Slim
    Slim, the leader of the worker's on the ranch, makes the statement "Funny how you [George] an' him [Lennie] string along together," making commentary on the concept of loneliness most men deal with during the time of the Great Depression. True camaraderie is rarely seen.
  • Curley and Lennie's fight

    Curley and Lennie's fight
    In the moment of Curley accusing Slim of being with his wife in the barn, Lennie laughs unintentionally. This is seen as invitation to fight by Curley, as he throws the first punch to Lennie's face. He's repeatedly beating Lennie until George screams out "Get him Lennie!" and Lennie grabs the hand Curley is hitting him with and crushes the bones and ligaments. Curley's hand was "caught in a machine," as Slim made it clear, that way George or Lennie would not get kicked off the ranch.
  • Lennie's death

    Lennie's death
    The unfortunate event of Lennie killing Curley's wife led to his downfall. He had to again flee from the ranch where he caused chaos, having the working men on his trail to chase and shoot him. George beat them to it and took the gun and shot Lennie himself, putting an end to Lennie's life.
  • The murder of Curley's wife

    The murder of Curley's wife
    In an innocent act of feeling the soft hair of Curley's wife, Lennie accidently kills her by suffocation and then breaking her neck. This event was foreshadowed prior when George told Slim of the incident when Lennie wanted to feel the soft and pretty dress of a woman on the previous ranch George and Lennie worked on. After Lennie would not let go of the soft dress, the woman ran and told on the two men causing them to have to flee and then come to find work at the current ranch.
  • The National Recovery Act

    The National Recovery Act
    This was issued the federal government to control the industrial infrastructure of the United States. This was to encourage national industry recovery. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal" program that also created public works to provide employment.
  • The end of the Great Depression

    The end of the Great Depression
    Germany invades Poland,which marks the start of World War II, which ends the economic turmoil that went on for a decade.