Odysseus's Voyage

  • Leaving Troy

    Leaving Troy
    Odysseus sets out on his voyage from Troy back to his home in Ithaca.
  • lotus eaters

    lotus eaters
    On the island of the lotus eaters, some men eat the food and loose all hope of home.
  • Island of the Cyclopse

    Island of the Cyclopse
    Odysseus stops on an island called Ismarus where a cyclopse lives. The cyclopse traps Odysseus and his men, Odysseus is not able to escape because there is a boulder in the way. Odysseus is able to blind the cyclopse with a spear and then escapes by going underneath the goats. As Odysseus is leaving he tells the cyclopse his real name and where he is from because he wants the credit for blinding him.
  • aeolia

    At Aeolia, aeolus the god of wind helps Odysseus try to get back home to ithaca. He bags up all the winds and puts them on Odysseus's ship. But Odysseus's crew opens the bag, thinking it is treasure. The wind makes a storm and blows the ship back into the middle of the sea.
  • Aeaea

    Next they land on Aeaea, where the godess circe lives. She turns all of the men into pigs except for odysseus because he was able to over power her. Later, she restores them and sends Odysseus on a quest to the Land of the Dead.
  • land of the dead

    land of the dead
    In the Land of the Dead, Odysseus sees his mother who died A blind prophet named Teiresias gives Odysseus a warning and a promise: Odysseus will arrive home, but all his men will die.
  • return to Aeaea

    return to Aeaea
    Odysseus and his men return to Aeaea. Circe warns him of three obstacles that await him: the sirens, scylla, and charybids. They set sail and manage to avoid the danger.
  • Helios

    They arrive at the island of Helios, the crew get discouraged and kill the holy cattle for food. Zeus kills all the crew except for Odysseus.
  • Calypso's island

    Calypso's island
    Odysseus arrives at Calypso's island, after getting ship wrecked.