Odysseus's Travels

  • The Departure

    The Departure
    Soon after Odysseus returned Helen to King Menelaus he decided to return home to his wife Penelope. This process would take all to long for Odysseus. To get home and see the son whom was born the day he went off to war. What Odysseus didn't know is that the journey would be long due to the fact an angry sea god (Posiedon) didn't like it when he defeated Troy. So with 12 ships, and 720 men he set sail.
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    Odysseus's Travels.

    Long ago in greek history, the king Menelaus sent Odysseus and his men to retreive his cheating wife Helen. Menelaus had recently married Helen. But she sailed away to Troy with a prince. Menelaus was having Odysseus bring Helen back so that he could kill her for stealing his wealth. Odysseus did his best to defeat the Trojans, but couldn't because of Poseidon. So with some skillful thinking Odysseus came up with a plan to defeat the Trojans.
  • Cicones

    After an already long journey, Odysseus and his men landed on the island of the people called Cicones. The weary travelers docked their ship in a bay and scouts were sent to see if the island was inhabited. Then Odysseus and a small party of men went to find the island people and get supplies. But something went terribly wrong. The Cicones attacked Odysseus and his men, and after the Cicones defeat the lose was a total of 72 men to the Cicones. They then set sail once more.
  • Lotus Eaters

    Lotus Eaters
    After the war with the Cicones Odysseus and his men then traveled to the land of the Lotus Eaters. These were a merry people who warmly welcomed the travelers. The Lotus Eaters earned their name by the purple flowers that they eat. Three scouts were sent to see if they would be able to get supplies. Supplies they got, but the three scouts who ate the lotus had to be forcebly taken from the island. Then they set off once again on stormy seas.
  • The Cyclops

    The Cyclops
    As the travelers landed on the island of the cyclops, they searched for his cave to pilffer for supplies. Odysseus had other plans though. He wished to meet this man. To see just how big the cyclops was. But when the time came his plan went wrong. The cyclops began to take two of his men for every meal he had. Bringing the number of men down to only six. They then rammed an olive stake into his eye to blind him allowing them to escape in the morning. Returning to the ship they went on their way.
  • Aeolus The Wind King

    Aeolus The Wind King
    After the battle with the cyclops Polyphemus, Odysseus and his men then landed on the island of the wind king Aeolus. The king welcomed the crew, giving them supplies and a place to sleep for the night. Aeolus gave Odysseus a gift as he left out again. He gave him all the bad winds in the world. His men thought it was gold or jewels. While Odysseus slept the men opened the bag and let the wind out, blowing them off course and into another chapter of their journey.
  • Laestrygones

    When our travelers came to the island of the laestrygones, they didn't know what to expect. So when they found the people who inhabitted the island they were surprised. Cannibles. The laestrygones who had begun pelting them with rocks had just found some fresh meat. But when this happened Odysseus ordered his men to flee to the ship and set sail. So without any new supplies, and a few bumps and bruises they sailed off again on stormy seas.
  • Circe's Island

    Circe's Island
    After Odysseus's men opened the bag of bed winds and blew their ship off course, they came across the island of the which Circe. Not known by the men at this time. A hunting party is sent to find food, but only one returns telling the others of how they were captured by Circe and turned into swine. As Odysseus went to save his men from her he met Hermes. Who gave him a Molly plant to keep him from turning into an animal. He then got his men, with more supplies and left the island.
  • Land of the Dead

    Land of the Dead
    After Odysseus saved his men from Circe, she instructed him to go to the underworld and talk to the prophet Tireseus for directions on how to get home. So odysseus traveled there and made up an offering to the prophet. Then telling him what he needed to know, Odysseus and the crew continued their journey back to the island of Circe.
  • Circe

    When Odysseus was in the underworld, one of the shades came to him as one of his men. He then had to go back to Circe's island and give him his last wish, to be burnt. So the burning was done. The crew got supplies and they traveled toward the straight of Scylla and Charibdus.
  • Monsters

    As they approached the straight of the monsters Scylla and Charibdus, all the crew kept wachful eyes. But as the monstorous Scylla struck her six victims down into her six gullets she then went after any who dared face her. After she was done the crew rowed for their lives as they raced out of the cave and back into the open ocean.
  • Thrinica

    The last time they were on Circe's island, Circe gave Odysseus advice. She said they would come across the island of Thrinica. There she said they would find cows that were fattest of all. Do not eat these cows at all cost. For they are immortal cows of the god Helios. Great consequences follow the death of these cows to whomever eats them. But his men would not follow his advice. They ate the cows, and when they set sail once again all but Odysseus perished in the stormy seas.
  • Calypso

    After the storm crushed his ship killing his men, Odysseus washed up on the shores of the island of Calypso. She then kept him there until the messenger god Hermes came and brought a message from the god Zeus telling her to let Odysseus go. She did this, but gave him only a raft to get off her island. So again he set out to find another island.
  • King Alcinious

    King Alcinious
    Odysseus washed up on the shores of the island of King Alcinious. He welcomed him and gave him food from his journey. Then Odysseus told the listening king of what he had been through and where he was trying to get to. Alcinious then gave Odysseus a ship, and sent him in the direction of his home of Ithaca. With enough supplies to last him plenty long. He was finally headed home.
  • The Final Battle

    The  Final Battle
    When Odysseus climbed the shores of Ithaca, he was met by his goddess Athena. She turned him into an old man so he could escape notice from the suitors. Then with the help of his two most noble of helpers. He made it imposible for any of the suitors to escape the hall they gathered in. For they knew they had overstayed their welcome and payed for it. One by one Odysseus cut down the men with the help of his son. The family could now live in peace.