Occupy Wall Street

  • Adbuster's call to Occupy

    Adbuster's call to Occupy
    Original Blog Adbusters, a noted anti-consumerist magazine, calls for protests in NYC in response to what they feel are the great injustices surrounding the financial crisis. Of particular interest to Adbusters is the corruption, leniency and collusion between the financial sector and the U.S. Government.
  • New Yorkers Against Budget cuts joins Occupy assembly

    The addition of some local New York advocacy groups to the OWS movement also indicates an addition of certain goals. The New Yorkers against budget cuts were concerned that government austerity would mean job and pay cuts for public sector workers, as well as degredation of current infrastructure. These concerns would be part of the OWS agenda from this point on.
  • Anonymous joins call to Occupy

    Anonymous joins call to Occupy
    Anonymous's call to Occupy.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSpM2kieMu8&feature=player_embedded Anonymous, a loose organization of "hacktivists" lends their support to the OWS movement. They bring along with them a distaste for both governmnet and corporate power and a desire for free information and transparency. Much of Occupy's early libertarian supports are also associated with Anonymous.
  • We are the 99%

    We are the 99%
    "We are the 99%" tumblr "We are the 99%" Is meant to denote that the speaker is not a part of the 1% of Americans that control as much as 40% of the wealth. The idea behind the tumblr is that citizens would share a situation of financial hardship believe to be at least partly caused by a flawed system. Health care issues and student finances are a major theme of the images.
  • Occupy Wall Street Begins

    Occupy Wall Street Begins
  • Excessive force enters the discussion

    Protesters maced. Several incidents involving seemingly excessive use of pepper spray catch the media's attention and become a major part of the coverage on OWS.
  • Period: to

    Growing support between Unions, public employees and OWS.

    Numerous unions and public secotr employess voice their support for OWS. While this adds both financial and human capital to the group, it also brands it as a liberal movement among conservatives.
  • Brookyn Bridge Incident

    OWS protestors move on the Brooklyn Bridge. Police allegedly prevent protesters from exiting the rodway before making arrests.
  • Protests spread.

    Protests begin Portland, LA, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, and SLC.
  • Occpy Indianapolis Begins

    Occpy Indianapolis Begins
  • Occupy goes global

    Occupy related protests spread to Europe and Australia
  • Period: to

    Increasing clashes between protesters and police

    Marine stands up to Police at Occupy Wall StreetSparked by the violence in Oakland, tensions mount in west coast cities. There are clashes between protesotrs and police in Denver and Portland, arrests surge all over the country. At the same time, disaffected veterans gain media attention by standing up to police tactics.
  • Occupy Oakland Clashes

    Chopper view of Occupy Oakland CrackdownWith violent clashes between protestors and police in Oakland, as well as crimes happening in or near Occupy encampments the tone of OWS coverage shifts and crime and excessive force become the primary topics. Scott Olsen is seriously injured by a tear gas canister.
  • Bank Transfer Day

    Bank Transfer Day
    In a strong example of activism inspiring real change over 600k people close their bank accounts and move to credit unions.
  • Period: to


    Many Occupy portests are swept away entirely, or made to eliminate their camping equipment. After a rocky start, police organizations seem to become aware of the extent of scrutiny on their actions and begin to use more measured force.
  • UC Davis incident

    UC Davis incident
    Four perspectives on the UC Davis Pepper Spray incident. While likely not the worst case of excessive force involved in the Occupy protests, the imagery associated gets a lot of media and internet play.