Obsolete Items; The Telephone

  • The first attempt on creating the Telephone (recorded at least)

    The first attempt on creating the Telephone (recorded at least)
    The amount of times humans have attempted the invention of the telephone is astounding, the first being Antonio Meucci, an Italian inventor who attempted creating the first phone but to no avail. He made the original idea, which in his era wasn't nearly as executable as Bell, who was the creator of the first real telephone.
  • Period: to

    Start of Telephones

  • The first real telephone and call

    The first real telephone and call
    On March 10, right after the invention, the first phone call was made, with Alexander Bell saying a line now famous; "“Mr. Watson, come here – I want to see you", asking for help from his assistant.
  • The first long distance phone-CALL.

    The first long distance phone-CALL.
    While a call was already made from the comfort of Alexander's own place, everyone knows the usefulness of phones comes from the fact you can talk to anyone from anywhere. Bell decided to make this happen by calling another phone all the way in Boston from Massachusetts.
  • The first Commercial Telephone

    The first Commercial Telephone
    This day in history saw the founding of the Bell Telephone Company itself! They began making phones and providing services for profit.
  • Telephone Numbers

    Telephone Numbers
    During this year, Telephone Numbers were created to replace lettered ways of typing on the phone and simplified calling people.
  • The first long distance phone-line.

    The first long distance phone-line.
    While long distance phone calls have been made by this point, they weren't exactly public, and Bell decided to open a phone line for U.S Residents. And to call someone on a telephone, you need to have connection from both sides. Alexander Graham Bell achieved this by putting the classic copper wires we know now in both New York and Chicago to create a line between both for callers to access each others phone.
  • The First Rotary Dial phone

    The First Rotary Dial phone
    This was the first phone with a dial, thus you had to twist the dial to enter a number and call the recipient much quicker.
  • The first WIRELESS phone

    The first WIRELESS phone
    During this year, a base unit invented by Teri Pall that connected to the landline WIRELESSLY, was created. Also being able to communicate with remote handsets with low powered radio.
  • All Digit Numbering

    Phone numbers completely took over lettered contacts on this date.
  • The first mobile phone

    The first mobile phone
    The mobile phone is credited to Martin Cooper as its creator. This phone has a 35-minute call time limit before needing a 10-hour recharge. With this cell phone, your only options were to dial, chat, and listen. A brilliant step towards the great invention now being a cell-phone.
  • Public mobile phones.

    Public mobile phones.
    During this year, the us public allowed the cellular mobile service that would allow mobile phones to be available to the public.
  • Motorola MicroTAC 9800X

    Motorola MicroTAC 9800X
    This model of the Motorola was seemingly the first flip phone to ever surprise the market with it's innovative design, not being the first motorola in its golden age it used to be in.
  • First Smart Phone

    First Smart Phone
    The first smart phone was created this year, truly being modern, not only having touch screens, cameras, etcetera; but being much easier to access and use than other phones.
  • A milestone

    A milestone
    During this year, in the united states, for every man, woman, or child there was 1 telephone.
  • A Innovative step.

    A Innovative step.
    On this date, one of the largest steps in modern phones was made. The first phones which could connect to the internet in Japan which had a mobile service you could access along with the internet.
  • 100 000 000 mobile phones owned/sold.

    100 000 000 mobile phones owned/sold.
    Simply a huge milestone, starting the era of innovation technology we are in today. Ironically starting at the very very beginning of our century, maybe a sign this whole century will be filled with innovative technology.
  • Period: to

    The beginning of the cell phone era

  • First IPhone.

    First IPhone.
    The first IPhone was released, leaving Motorola etcetera, in the dust, with how powerful they were and competing with blackberry.
  • The end of the LANDLINE.

    The end of the LANDLINE.
    The landline telephone has always surpassed anything in its path, seen in the graph below. In the same graph, you can see wireless landline has always been above wired ever since it's invention, for it's ease of access and usage. However, in 2014, the wireless landline phone was replaced, and eventually phased out, by the MOBILE PHONE.