Number The Stars

  • Soldiers stop Annemarie and Ellen

  • Period: to

    Number the stars

  • Mr. Johansen tells the story about the king

    Mr. Johansen tells the girls the story about the king of Denmark and Annemarie learns that the king will protect all of the people of his land.
  • Mrs. Hirsch disappears

    Annemarie goes to get a button fixed and sees that the button shop is closed down and the owner (Mrs. Hirsch) is gone.
  • Ellen's parents leave

    Ellen's parents are taken to a safe hiding place and the Johansens are hiding Ellen in their house.
  • Soldiers come to the Johnasen's house

    The soldiers come to the Johansen's house and they pretend that Ellen is Lise (Annemarie's sister that died).
  • Visit to Uncle Henrik's house

    Ellen, Kirsti, Annemarie and Mrs. Johansen go to visit Uncle Henrik's house to visit him.
  • Great Aunt Birtie

    Uncle Henrik tells the girls that their great aunt Birtie passed away and that a funeral will be held in their house that night.
  • Ellen's parents return

    Ellen's parents return and reunite with Ellen at Uncle Henrik's house.
  • The funeral

    The funeral for great aunt birtie is held and the soldiers show up and are very suspicious. They demand that the casket be opened but then Mrs. Johnasen explains that she died of typhus and then the soldiers change their mind and leave Uncle Henrik's house.
  • The departure

    The casket is holding blankets and clothing for the families that are present. They recieve their clothing and blankets and then they depart for Uncle Henrik's boat for Sweden.
  • The package

    The very important package is left behind and Annemarie has to go run through the woods to bring it to Uncle Henrik's boat.
  • Annemarie runs into the soldiers

    Annemarie runs into the soldiers on her way to Uncle Henrik's boat. They stop her and look through her basket. After a few minutes they let her go and she eventually reaches Uncle Henrik.
  • Uncle Henrik's receives the package

    Uncle Henrik receives the package and later that night he returns back to the house.
  • Peter is in the resistance

    Uncle Henrik explains to Annemarie that Peter is in the resistance and that is why he was helping everyone to escape.
  • The handkerchief

    Annemarie finds out what was in the package. The package contained a handkerchief that had a drug on it that kills the dog's ability to smell which allows the Jews to hide on the boats.
  • The war ends

    After two years the war ends. Ellen and her family have not returned yet but Annemarie is still hopeful. Annemarie also finds out how Lise died. She was a part of the resistance and that her death was not an accident.