Nullification Crisis

  • Tariff of 1928

    The Tariff of 1928 was a tariff put in place to protect American goods and manufacturing by taxing imports from Europe. This made living in the southern colonies expensive which angered John Calhoun, who declared nullification against the federal government and started the South Carolina Exposition
  • South Carolina Exposition

    John Calhoun wanted to limit Congress's ability to make tariffs and similar things just because they want to raise money because it was unconstitutional. The main purpose of the exposition was to protest the tariff and attempt to get South Carolina to adopt his "Exposition and Protest"
  • Tariff of 1832

    This was put into place to reduce the amount of money the original tariff called for in order to smooth things over with South Carolina. This did not have much of an effect on resolving, though, because the economy was already hurt and it would take a little while to get it back. Many still viewed it as unconstitutional.
  • South Carolina Nullification

    South Carolina was so angry at Congress for passing the tariff that they declared nullification against any tax and tariff presented against them.
  • Proclamation Against Nullification

    This was President Jackson's direct response to the Nullification of South Carolina. He stated that they had no such power and the tariff was not unconstitutional.
  • Hayne's Counter Proclamation

    Hayne stated that it was every state's right to declare a bill or tariff unconstitutional if they are being oppressed by said tariff. He continued to protest against the tariff.
  • Force Bill

    President Jackson had enough of the nullification and finally sent troops down to SC where they forced them to follow the law and obey the tariff.
  • SC Repeal of Nullification

    SC was hit hard when the troops were sent and they realized that they were not going to win because the federal government is stronger and has jurisdiction over them. South Carolina officially sent a repeal for their nullification and obeyed it instead. They were still angry, but there was nothing they could do.