Notable African Americans Throughout History

  • harriet tubman the helpful slave

    harriet tuman was born in 1820. died march 10 1913 harriet tubman risk her life to free 3 hunderds slave. harriet tubman maryland. doing the civil war .she was a spy with for the federal foces in south carolina.
  • Paul Laurence Dunbar

    First African American poet to receive national recognition for his poetry.
  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela was born on july 18,1918.Was the first south african president.He formed the youth league.Trained at attornery.Mandela worked to ease racial tension.
  • Jackie Robinson

    31 Jan 1919, Jackie Robinson
  • Dr Martin Luther King Jr

    Dr Martin Luther King Jr
    Bron Jaunery 15 1929.I was litte I had couled go in many restrirts.I whet to collge with Boorker.t Washion.Then his mother died with a hert attack.Then he gracted collge in 2 years.Then he fighet civel rights with his words Then he marred Coretta Scott King.Then he had four kids.Then he die with a headshot on the his pecanestaed.Name Dexter king that shot Dr Marten Luther King Jr.
  • Tina Tunner

    Tina Tunner
    I Tina Tunner is a singer she was born on November 26,1939 her
    childhood um.... But when she had my life she was in danger she
    know what to sing. But when she met Ike through her and his life .He would beat her and start slapping, and puching her body parts.
  • wilma rudolph

    wilma was born on june 23 1940.she had brain cancer she was good at the olympics . she was a nice person because she helped day she had a disease called pollio. one day she had retired from running .also she had to walk with leg brace .she died in 1994.
  • Diana Ross

    Diana Ross
    Diana Ross was born on march26,1944 she won the Golden Globe award she have kids and a husband and Diana also is an actress she made a lot of music she received best Actress Academy award to.
  • Diana Ross

  • Earvin''magic''johnson

    Earvin was born on August 14,1959.When Eavin was 15 years old he was a basketbal player when he was in high school .And he went to college and when he grown all up he was a basketball player and he won a all-star m.v.p awards and he also won a olympic gold medal 1992.and he is still alive.
  • Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson was born on may 16, 1960. Janet was the youngest child in the family. Janet Jackson first appeared on stage on April 1974. Janet Jackson sing. Janet Jackson love to dance. Janet Jackson is michael Jackson little sister.
  • Reggie White

    Reggie White was born Decemeber 19,1961.Reggie was a good
    athlete and played for packers,panthers, eagles .Reggie White

    nickname is the ministir of d.Reggie had a girlfriend but they were not married.He also had more than 20 sacks to the back Reggie died on Decemeber 26,2004.In 2006 the put Reggie on the wall of fame for football
  • michael jordan

    Plays basketball born February 17, 1963. Grew up in brooklen New York. Basketball, scoolership from lany high school. Played for the bulls and wizards. He is number 23 in the Nba. Average is 28.2 points per game. 49 years old married two wife. NBA championship in 1991, 1992, 1993. he is a NBA super star. Three children from his first wife.
  • Tyra Banks

    Married in Inglewood she is 40 years old middle name is Lynne Illustrater of swimsuit magazine Moddle Queen African American Have a business Is a Sagittarius. Has a Television Show. Cover of GQ. Parents are divorced.
  • beyonce knowles

    she was born sepember 4 1981. she is agood singer. her dad quit his job. when she was 7 sh was in a talent show.rename the group to destney child.2002 she ment j'z and had a baby name blue Ivy and she is married.her mom makes dress.she won alot of awards.her nick name is juju,mothe ,bee.
  • Nicki MInaj

    She was born December 8,1982.She was drug adicted because of her father.LiL wayne helped her career of a singer.Known for her stage name Nikki Manij.She realesed her album PINK FRIDAY. she is going to do the halftime show for the super ball in 2012.