Northwest Rebellion Events

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    Battles of the NWT

    The 8 battles of the northwest rebellion.
  • Battle of Duck Lake

    Battle of Duck Lake
    The Battle of Duck Lake (26th March 1885) was an infantry skirmish 2.5 km outside of Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, between Canadian government RCMP forces and the newly established Provisional Government of Saskatchewan Métis militia. The skirmish lasted approximately thirty minutes, after which Superintendent Leif Newry Fitzroy Crozier of the RCMP, his forces having endured fierce fire with twelve killed and eleven wounded, called for a general retreat.
  • Battle of Fort Pitt

    Battle of Fort Pitt
    The Battle of Fort Pitt was part of a Cree uprising coinciding with the Métis revolt that started the North-West Rebellion in 1885. Cree warriors began attacking Canadian settlements on April 2. On April 15, they captured Fort Pitt from a detachment of North-West Mounted Police.
  • Frog Lake Massacre

    Frog Lake Massacre
    The Frog Lake Massacre was a Cree uprising during the North-West Rebellion in western Canada. Led by Wandering Spirit, young Cree warriors attacked the village of Frog Lake, North-West Territories (now in Alberta) on 2 April 1885, where they killed nine settlers.
  • Battle of Fish Creek

    Battle of Fish Creek
    The Battle of Fish Creek (also known as the Battle of Tourond's Coulée), fought April 24, 1885 at Fish Creek, Saskatchewan, was a major Métis victory over the Canadian forces attempting to quell Louis Riel's North-West Rebellion. Although the reversal was not decisive enough to alter the ultimate outcome of the conflict, it was convincing enough to persuade Major General Frederick Middleton to temporarily halt his advance on Batoche, where the Métis would later make their final stand.
  • Battle of Cut Knife

    Battle of Cut Knife
    The Battle of Cut Knife, fought on May 2, 1885, occurred when a small force of Cree and Assiniboine warriors were attacked by a flying column of mounted police, militia, and Canadian army regulars. The warriors defeated the Canadian forces, with losses on both sides.
  • Battle of Batoche

    Battle of Batoche
    The Battle of Batoche was the decisive battle of the North-West Rebellion. Fought from 9 May to 12 May 1885 at the ad hoc Provisional Government of Saskatchewan capital of Batoche, the greater numbers and superior firepower of Middleton's force could not be successfully countered by the Métis (as had happened at Fish Creek), and the town was eventually captured. The defeat of the Métis led to the surrender of Louis Riel on 15 May and the collapse of the Provisional Government.
  • Battle of Frenchman's Butte

    Battle of Frenchman's Butte
    The Battle of Frenchman's Butte, fought on May 28, 1885, occurred when a force of Cree, dug in on a hillside near Frenchman's Butte, was unsuccessfully attacked by the Alberta Field Force.
  • Battle of Loon Lake

    Battle of Loon Lake
    The Battle of Loon Lake concluded the North-West Rebellion on June 3, 1885 and was the last battle fought on Canadian soil. Led by Major Sam Steele, a force of North-West Mounted Police, Alberta Mounted Rifles and Steele's Scouts (a body of mounted militia raised by Steele himself) caught up with and dispersed a band of Plains Cree warriors and their white and Métis hostages.