North & Soth Korea

Timeline created by NSK2
  • Division

    North Korea established a communist government and South Korea became a democratic government.
  • The North Tries to Take Over

    The North Tries to Take Over
    North Korea wants to invade South Korea and make it a communist government. They want control over the whole Korean Peninsula. War errupted and China and the Soviet Union joined forces with North Korea and United Nations joined forces with South Korea.
  • Armistice Invalid

    Armistice Invalid
    The North Korea declares the Armistice invalid and creates war with South Korea again. They want to take the peninsula, and declaring the armistice invalid allowed them to fight and try to take over.
  • Raid on Presendental "Blue House" by North

    Raid on Presendental "Blue House" by North
    North Korean Commandoes Raid the Presedental "Blue House" but fail to assassonate the President.
  • Assassination attempt on President Park

    Assassination attempt on President Park
    The Shots miss but hit and kill The President's Wife
  • Burmua Sabatoge

    Burmua Sabatoge
    Northern Agents Blow up A landmark in Burmua
  • Family Reunions

    Family Reunions
    At Mount Kumgang resort, the North and South decided to have family reunions to let the ones separated in 1950-1953. In South Korea, they have thousands of people on a waiting list and 100 of them are allowed to go to the resort and see their family.
  • Airplane Bomb

    Airplane Bomb
    Bomb planted by Northern Agents on a commercial flight blows up, killing all 115 on board
  • Commando Man Hunt

    Commando Man Hunt
    Northen Commandoe's Land on a beach n south Korea Prompting a massive southern manhunt. Later all 11 are shot dead
  • Reunions Suspended

    Reunions Suspended
    The family reunions were suspended and the families could no longer visit each other or see their lose family and friends.
  • Never Ending?

    Never Ending?
    Conflict is still going on and both countries are getting desperate and lower on reasources and don't want the whole war to be for nothing
  • Period: to

    Korean War

    The war begins
  • Period: to

    Korean Skirmishes