North Korean timeline

  • end of WW2

    Kim il sung is being trained by th red army of the Soviet union.
  • Cold War begins

    Soviet troops back out of North Korea and head into helping Cuba against the U.S.
  • cold war emerged rapidly

    Korean war is begining on the u.s. while Soviet Union, Cuba , and North korea are making atomic nuclear bombs for war.
  • cold war ends

    Soviot union changes it's name to Russia, North korea is still working on nuclear weapons, u.s. intellegence was told that seized by north korean gun ships.
  • north and south at war

    South korea sides with the u.s. troops to fight the north korea nksopt
  • new north korean president

    Kim jong il rises up to his rightful place as the north korean leader.
  • insoections of nuclear material

    north korea gets inspected on the nuclear material they have recieved.
  • north and south koreas meet

    kim jong il meets south korean president kim dae jung. south korean journalist reaches out to people in the north.
  • an aix of evil north korea

    u.s. president George Walker bush says that north korea is an axis of pure evil. north and south wage war in the yellow sea of gun ships and u boats.
  • present day

    To this day north korea does have a nuclear weapon that possibly wipe out half of russia and all of the united states. I think after we are done with the middle eastern areas we will probably go to north korea and fight the war against the nksopt. with help of the south korean army and any other united nation help.