North Carolina History

  • George Grenville as Lord of the Treasury

    George Grenville takes office in London as First Lord of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • The Samp Act

    To help defray the cost of keeping troops in America, Parliament enacts (March 22) the Stamp Act, imposing a tax on many types of printed materials used in the colonies. Seen as a violation of rights, the Act sparks violent demonstrations in several Colonies.
  • Brithish Parliment

    to help defray the coast of keepig troops in america, the British Parliment enacte of the stampact 1765 imposing a tax on many materials used in the colonies
  • The Quartring Act

    Parliament enacts (March 24) the Quartering Act, requiring the Colonies to provide housing, food, and other provisions to British troops. The act is resisted or circumvented in most of the colonies. In 1767 and again in 1769, Parliament suspended the governor and legislature of New York for failure to comply.
  • Pontiac's Rebellion

    the british parliment repealed the stamp act and issued the declartory act, which asserted its ¨full power and athurity to make laws and statues... to blind the colonies and people of america... in all cases whatsoever.
  • sons of liberty

    the broadside to the betrayed inhibeitans of the city and colony of new york was pubilshed by the local son of liberty
  • Second Battle of Tentor

    the battle took place
  • Battle of Bound brook

    the battle took place
  • common sense

    Thomas Panie published common sense
  • Knoxs

    Knox reached out to Boston
  • Battle of Nassau

    The battle of nassau began
  • Battle of nassau

    THe battle of nassau ended
  • the battle of Iron Works Hill

    the battle ended
  • second contiential congress

    The congress enacted the lee resolution declaring independence from the britsh empire
  • Declaration of Independce

    The ssecond continental congress:the congress approved the witten United Sates Declation Of Indepence
  • Battle long island

    the battle took place
  • Staten island peace confrence

    the peace confrence took place
  • Landing at Kips Bay

    The landing took place
  • Battle of Heights

    the battle took place
  • Great fire of new york

    the fire began
  • Nathan Hale

    He was captuerd and executed for espionage
  • Great fire of New York

    the fire ended
  • Battle of Vacour island

    the battle took place
  • Battle of white plains

    the battle took place
  • Battle of Fort Lee

    the battle took place
  • Battle of Iron Works Hill

    the battle began
  • Battle of trention

    Battle took place
  • The Land Run

    the land run began during this time
  • Serman Antitrust Act

    the Sherman Antitruust Act was passed
  • Battle of Fort Washintgon

    the battle began
  • Battle of Princeton

    the battle took place
  • The Liberty Pole

    Liberty Pole erected in New York City commons in celebration of the Stamp Act repeal (May 21). An intermittent skirmish with the British garrison over the removal of this and other poles, and their replacement by the Sons of Liberty, rages until the Province of New York is under the control of the revolutionary New York Provincial Congress in 1775