Noam Chomsky Dec 1928 - PRESENT

  • Born

    Avram Noam Chomsky was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Period: to


    Noam Chomsky attended Harvard University as a PH. D student
    He was selected as a member of The Society of Fellows, reserved for individuals who have the potential to advance academic Wisdom
  • MIT

    Chomsky began at MIT in the Research Laboratory of Electronics
    - Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics
    - Institute professor
  • Syntactic Structures

    Syntactic Structures
    "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously" used as an example of a grammatically correct sentence with no meaning. Argued for the independence of syntax ... studying sentence structures from the study of meaning (semantics)
    Had significant impact in the study of knowledge, mind, and mental process
    Due to publication Chomsky became recognized as a founder of sociobiology.
  • Theory of Transformational Grammar

    Theory was developed during his attendance in Harvard.
    Transformation Grammar is a form of language analysis that defines a relationship with the different elements in the sentence.
    Rejected that each language is different from the other.
  • The Responsibility of Intellectuals

    Anti-War essay during the Vietnam War
  • Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies

    Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies
    "...suggests that a worthwhile democracy requires that its citizens undertake intellectual self-defense against the media and elite intellectual culture that seeks to control them."
  • Retired

    Chomsky retired from MIT
  • Period: to

    University of Arizona

    Teaches short-term politics
    part-time professor in linguistic department
  • Declaration of Common Language

    Declaration of Common Language
    "The Declaration states that the politics of emphasizing minute differences in varieties of what is basically the same language have brought on a series of negative developments in the four countries, where strongly insisting on these differences became a criteria for ethnic affiliation and a tool for expressing political loyalty."