Noah Bennett-Inkheart/Cornellia Funke

  • pg.1-17 total pages-17

    In this chapter a strange man named dustfinger came over to they house, bearing bad news.
  • pg. 17-45 total pages-28

    In this section Magie, Mo, and Dustfinger leave the house to go to elinor's house. When they reach the house they are introduced to the libray and Maggie is about to spy on Mo and Elinor while they examne the special book.
  • pg. 45-65 total pages 20

    In this section Maggie finally gets a gimpse of the strange book. Maggie also starts talking to Dustfinger and is invited to see a show he is putting on in the night. Maggie questions Mo on why he never read aloud to her, after Dustfinger told her too.
  • pg. 65-86 total 21 pages

    In this section Maggie goes out to see Dustfingers show. During the show some men broke into the library and kidnapped Mo and and stole the book. In the morning Maggie is about to set out to find Mo when she realizes that Elinor was working for capricorn and that she still had the book which Maggie found out ws called "Inkheart".
  • pg. 86-109 total pages 23

    In this section Meggie finds Dustfinger and They set out to find Mo. Meggie begins to read inkheart. And Dustfinger contemplates kidnapping Meggie and stealing Inkheart and bringing them to Capricorn.
  • pg. 109-129 total pages 20

    In this section Meggia, Elinor and Dustfinger head out to Capricorns HQ. Whe the reach the HQ. Capricorn starts to question Meggie and Dustfinger.
  • pg. 129-170 total pages 41 pages

    In thsi section Meggie and Elinor are held captive by Capricorn. In their captive Mo tell the whole story of how Capricorn Basta, and Dustfinger came to be in this world. And how Meggies mom is stuck in Ink heart. In the morning Capricorn burned every copy of inkheart. nd now Capricorn is making Mo read books outloud to summon treasure and money for him.
  • pg. 170-190 tota pages 20

    In this section Capricorn makes Mo read outloud to summon money from books. He is sucessful in summoning coins from treasure island but wasnt sucessful in other books.
  • pg.190-227 total pages 37

    In this section Dustfinger helps Meggie, Mo and Elinor escape. While they are escaping they blow out a tire and push the car down the cliff. They find a path to follow that leads to an old house. They stay here until Basta shows up. Then Mo and Dustfinger fight Basta and flatnose,and the win and result in tieng them up.
  • pg.227-270 total pages 43

    Elinor finds an ATM and gets some money and rents a hotel room. She also gave Mo an adress to a man named Fenoglio who is the author of inheart. The next day they drive to Fenogilos house. Once they reach his house they find that his copys of Inkheart have been stolen.
  • pg.260-316 total pages 56

    in this section silvertounge and meggia are at fenegilo's house. Dustfinger teacher Farid how to use fire. Elinor headed home and arrive to find that all of her boos were taken and burned in her back yard. And tied from a nuse was a red rooster to symbolize that it wa Capricors doing. Mo leaves to go pick up Elinor at the airport and leaves meggie and Fenagilo's house. That night Basta and his workers came to the house and kidnapped meggie and fenogilo.
  • pg.316-341 total pages 25. in class

    In this ection meggie and Fenogilo arive in Capricors village. Dustfinger creeps into the village and looks for Inkheart. He meets with one of Capricorns maids who cant talk. But she helps dustfinger out. Fenogilo and Meggie go and talk to Capricorn.
  • pg.341-355 total-14 in class

    In this section, dustfinger and Farid run into silvertonge and Elinor, so they tie them to a tree. Then dustfinger sets out to steal inkheart, again
  • 355-378 total- 23pg. in class

    In this section, Dustfirnger attempts to sneek into to capricorns town and steel the last copy of inkheart. In the mean time Meggie is in jail winh Fengalio. But when she tries to escape capricorn brings her to his palace and makes her watch dustfinger be punished. And Meggie finds someone who fits the description of her long lost mother.
  • In class pg.378-400 total pages. 22

    In this ection Fenogilo discoveres that Capricorn wants Meggie to read a creature called the shadow out of Inkhert, to kill Dustfinger and Resa. Farid unties silvertounge and Elinor and runs off in search of Dustfinger. The Magpie forces Meggie to read out the Tin Soldier, and Fenogilo asks Meggie to get a pencil and paper from her in exchange. Meggie finds the Martin and a note attached that is written in Elvish from the lord of the rings. So meggie wrote back a letter and the Martin ran off it
  • In class pg. 400-420 total 20 pages.

    In this section Basta takes Dustfinger and Resa down to a prison underground. Dustfinger scares Basta with stories of White Ghosts. Resa asks about Meggie and Silvertounge. Farid and the Martin get back to camp and Silvertounge reads the letter from Meggie. After heearing the news they plan when an how to infiltrate the village. Fenogilo lies to Basta saying he will put a charm on the Magpie in return for some paper and a pencil. Basta buys it, and Fenogilo begins to write like crazy.
  • pg 420-431 total pages 11

    Fenogilo finishes writing. He had developed a new story to read the Tin Soldier into a diiferent story. Knowing the Fenogilo wants to reverse what the Shadow will do when Meggie reads her. He starts writing. Mo comes back to camp after Elinor freaks out because of hearing some gunshots. They devolop a new plan to set a fire to the village and in the cofusion go and get Meggie. Elinor doesnt like the idea so in the night she heads for the police.
  • in class pg431-457 total pages 26

    The Magpie summons Meggie and they come to an agreement that she wont read unless she can see Dustfinger one more time. So Basta leads Meggie into the prison underground. There Dustfinger trys to pass Meggie a note but Basta sees it. A fight breaks out and the note is given to Dustfinger in the cage. Dustfinger taunts Basta in to coming in. Dustfinger out smarts basta and locks him in the cage. Dustfinger escapes and Resa and Meggie are put back in prison. Basta still locked in the cell.
  • pg 457-485 total 30 pages

    In this section Elinor goes to the police and they go and investigate. Capricorn lies his way through the police and they leave. Silvertounge and Farid are in the village hiding. Dustfinger escaped and went to Bastas house he staed there and let out Tinkerbell. He decieds to act later. Fenogilo finishes writing what the shadow will do. The Magpie takes them out of the cell and prepares them for the exicution.
  • pg.485-500 total pages 15

    In this section Silvertounge and Farid sneak into the village and start a fire in Capricorns house. Meanwhile the exicution is begining on the football feild.
  • 500-534 total pages 34 END OF BOOK

    The ceremony starts and Meggie starts to rad. Fenogilo causes a distraction and Meggie reads the part that Fenogilo wrote. They are about to stop her when Darius stops the magpie. Suddenly Mo appers and reads the final page. Capricorn dies and all of his servents dissappear into thin air. The the shodow dies and all the creatures he killed come back to life on the feild. Dustfinger watched it all from afar and he came down. Him and Farid set off together. They all went back to Elinors house. End