NKorea timeline

  • War

    After the second world war the soviets were on the North Korean's land while the US were on the South Korean's land. With the soviets in the north the North Korean's government turned communist.
  • Independence

    WIth South Korea declaring their independence, the north were angry about that and started to invade the south.
  • End of battle

    The Armisice between the North and south Korea ends the war. They killed 2 million people.
  • Power

    Kim Jong iL went into power. Ruling North Korea.
  • NUkes

    The Us was generous enough to give the NOrth Korean people 2 nuclear reactors.
  • Troubles

    The North Korean people had problems with the famine and floods, that killed thousands of people.
  • Japs

    The japense prime minister visited the north korean leaders for the first time ever.
  • boom

    The North Korean people now have enough plutonium to make nuclear bombs.
  • Remeet

    North Korea and South Koreas leaders met again to talk over there problems. They havent met since 1982.
  • Death

    Kim iL sung dies, and they shut down there nuclear plants.