Nixon's life

  • Nixon is born

    Nixon is born
    Yorba Linda, California. His parents were Frank Nixon and Hannah Milhouse Nixon. He was the 2nd child of 5 children. They were a poor family, His father owned a service station and lemon farm. He also worked at a grocery store.
  • Period: to

    Life of Richard Nixon

  • Younger brother dies

    Died of short illness.
  • Older brother dies of tuberculosis

  • Nixon atteneds Whittier College

    A Quaker College
  • Nixon transfers to Duke University School of Law

    Returned to California to practice law and received full scholarship.
  • Married Thelma Catherine ("Pat") Ryan

    She was a teacher and amatuer actress. They met when casted in the same play. They had 2 kids, Tricia and Julie.
  • Nixon and wife move to Washington DC

    He started out as lawyer but then in DC, he took a job in Fraklin Roosevelt's Office of Price Administration. He later joined the navy.
  • Nixon resigns from Navy

    Nixon resigned from his commission
  • Elected to California's House of Reps

  • Elected to California Senate

  • Nixon loses Presidental campaign

    He loses to JFK. Earlier, he served as VP for Eisenhower for 8 years. He looked tired on the televised debate. Veiwers that watched the debate thought Kennedy had won and the audience that heard it on radio thught Nixon won.
  • Nixon loses race for California Governer

  • Nixon is elected Presidet of the United States

  • Nixon lessens segregation in schools

    By the end of 1970, Nixon decreased the amount of black students attending all black schools from 70% to 18%.
  • Nixon pushed for Clean Air Act

    After Earth Day, Nixon was inspired and established the Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Nixon travels to China

    He established the Detente; it was a lessening of tensions between the US and China (our main rivals).
  • Nixon is reelected as President

    He wins by a landslide agasint George McGovern.
  • Nixon ends involvement in Vietnam

    Nixon used Vietnameseation to gradually pull our troops out and make South Vietnam more responsible.
  • Watergate invesigation

    There was a buglary at the Demcratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. The burglars stole any campaign information they could find and place wiretaps on office telephones.They got caught, but Nixon covered them up. Nixon refused to give up his tapes that recorded his own conversations in the White House.Nixon realized he wasnt a popular president anymore.
  • Nison resigns

    Nixon knew he was going to be impeached, so he decidedto resign. He knew that his political support was low.
  • President Ford pardons Nixon

    At first,Nixon wasreluctant to accept this pardon because he felt he had not comitted any crimes. He eventually agreed and was granted a "full, free, and absolute pardon".
  • Nixon becomes ill

    Nixon becam ill with Plebitis. he was told he could have surgery or die... he chose surgery.
  • Nixon's illness gets better

    He begins working on his memiors.
  • Nixon visits China

    Personal invite from Mao. He later writes a book called, "The Memoirs of Richard Nixon".
  • Nixon and his wife move to Saddle River, NJ

  • Nixon dies

    He dies of a stroke that occered on the 18th. He was 81 years old.