Ninety-Nine Not Out (J.J)

  • Sydney Ward's Birth

    Sydney Ward was born in 1907.
  • First Journal (Black & White)

    The First Journal was made in 1907 the same year as Sydney Ward.It was in Black & White and only had a couple of pages.
  • Period: to

    Ninty-Nine Not Out

  • Mt Cook (Journal)

    In 1910 Freda du Faur became the first women to climb Mt Cook/Aoraki.
  • Certificate

    When Sydney Ward was at school, students had to pass exams in year 8 (then called standard 6) to gain their Proficiency Certificate. They needed this certificate if they wanted to go on to high school.
    (Sydney got his.)
  • School

    In school Sydney Ward could still remember how strict the teachers were. He got hit on the palm of his hand 6 times because he was playing up in class.Sometimes he got caned too. He wasn't too good at English, but he did like Arithmatic.
  • Journal World War

    In 1914 - 1918 the World War journal was popular for its storys of the World War.
  • World War l (Pigeons)

    From World War l to World War ll pigions arrived in the Army.
    Why? you ask.
    Because Pigeons were VERY useful for carrying messages to and fro so they could be passed safely to each other.This does NOT mean that the actuall Pigeons were safe.
    They had to face poisonous gas, storms, gunfire, hawks and rats in the trenches.
  • Boat

    Sydney Ward came by boat to NZ when he was 10.
  • Sports Mad

    As a child Sydney Ward was SPORTS-MAD! He liked playing all sorts of sports espesilly Rugby and Cricket.
  • Journal

    The School Journal only had a couple of pages in the olden days.Now we had more pages with Plays, Stories, Articals and Poems.
  • Anzac Day (journal)

    On the 25 of April 1921 Anzac Day was First celebrated.
    And in 1921 a school journal about Anzac Day was made.
  • A Job

    In 1930 Sydney Ward started in his fathers job as a watch maker.
  • Oylimpics

  • Journal. (Jean Batten)

    In 1939 the journal about Jean Batten was popular because it was about when Jean Batten made the first direct solo flight from England to NZ.
  • World War ll

    Sydney Ward and his Brother Nelson Ward both fought in World War ll.Sydney was in the Air Force and Nelson was in the Army.
  • Diffrent

    Sydney Ward thought that they were better off in his days because they were satisfied with what they had. I think that he thought this because they didn't know what things would be invented in the future like T.V's and computers.
  • World War ll Ends

  • Family

    Sydney Wards family was a family of 7. He had two brothers, two sisters a Mum and a Dad.
  • M.E

    When Edmund Hillary climbed Mt Everest was one of the events that stood out to Sydney.
    This too made Sydney feel proud to be a New Zealander.
  • Journal with colour.

    In the 1960's the first coloured journal was invented.It now still is with us as we still read themin now-a-day.
  • A Medal & a Ceromony

    To honour the Pigeons that saved many lives in the war we have a speicel ceremony to remember the pigeons.