Nila Timeline

  • The Endurance is Trapped

    The Endurance is Trapped
    About Shacks lifeShacketon was trying to cross the South Pole but his ship, the Endurance,was trapped.They had to leave,stranded.All the men was barefeet.And Shack was concerned for his men what would happen if the ship spilts?
  • November 21,1915

    November 21,1915
    Nov 21 1915The Endurance falls beneath the ice.The men need a plan.Almost all of the men was feared.
  • December 23,1915

    December 23,1915
    The men tried to pull the lifeboats but they were too heavy.Food was scarce until Tom was attacked by a sea leopared.Frankie killed it to eat.
  • April 8, 1916

    It has five and a half months.The men's cloths were greasy and worn thin and rubbed aginst there skin.
  • 11p.m. April 8, 1916

    Steering the Endurance was hard,but sleeping was diffcult.There was noisy killer whales circling around.Ernie Holness was almost smased by two ice floes but Shack saved him.
  • April 13, 1916

    April 13, 1916
    The men are continuing their journy to EI.The men are dehydrated and Shack gave them frozon meat to suck on.
  • April 15, 1916

  • Shack finds Elephant Island!!!!!

    The men nearly lost hope. Big Tom tried a song but it do not work nothing worked. But Shack saw something it was Elephant Island.
  • A big shock!

    The menand Shack was in a shock Elephant Island was nothing but rock, ice, snow and wind. Shack would get help. Twenty-two men stayed behind while the rest braved.
  • On the way.

    On the way to SG Island a gerybeard almost destroys the boat.
  • Hurrican hurrican

    After a hurrican they reached S.G Island 3 men are left in a cave while the others leave for the whaling station.
  • May 19, 1916

    The men climbed over the mountain to reach the whaling station.
  • May 20, 1916

    Shack reached the whaling station.