Nick - The history of animation.

By pvis
  • Stop-motion animation

     Stop-motion animation
    James Stuart Blackton was the first film maker to use stop motoin animation and is considered the American father of animation
  • The first short

    The first short
    The first short comprised solely of animated images, Emile Cohl's Fantasmagorie, receives its premiere in Paris.
  • Gertie

    Gertie the Dinosaur is widely considered the first animated short to feature a distinguishable character, as animator Winsor McCay brings a walking, dancing dinosaur to life.
  • Felix the Cat.

    Felix the Cat.
    Felix the Cat makes his debut and becomes the first famous animated cartoon character.
  • Walt Disney first.

    Walt Disney first.
    Walt Disney animates his first animated short, Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Looney tunes debut

    Looney tunes debut
    Warner Bros. Looney Tunes makes its debut with Sinkin' in the Bathtub.
  • flowers and trees

    flowers and trees
    The first full-color, three-strip Technicolor animated short, Flowers and Trees, is released. The film wins Disney an Oscar for Best Short Subject
  • popeye

    Popeye makes his debut alongside Betty Boop in the seven-minute short Popeye the Sailor.
  • woody woodpecker

    woody woodpecker
    Woody Woodpecker arrives on the scene with a small role in the Andy Panda cartoon Knock, Knock.
  • First animated musical

    First animated musical
    The first full-length animated musical, Mr. Bug Goes to Town, is released.
  • Tron

    Tron marks the first time that computer-generated images are used extensively within film.
  • toy story

    toy story
    The first computer-animated film, Toy Story, is released to theaters.
  • fantasia

    Fantasia 2000 becomes the first full-length animated film to be shown exclusively on the huge IMAX® cinema screens.