nick reasoner's geologic timeline

  • cambrian period 570-500 MYA

    cambrian period 570-500 MYA
    the cambrian period is a very important part of the history of the earth, most of the major groups of animal fossils were in this time. it is also called the cambrian explosion due to the amount of differnt kind of animals during this time period.
  • ordovician period 490-443 MYA

    ordovician period  490-443 MYA
    this time period is most known for the presense of the diverse marine life. including graptolites, trilobites, brachiopods, and the conodonts (early vertebrates). plants invaded the land at this time.
  • Silurian period 435-395 MYA

    Silurian period 435-395 MYA
    this was a time where alot of bad things happened to all the life in this time period, there was melting of the ice and it substantially raised the sea level. alot more of jawless fish apeared, but as well as some of the first fish with jaws. the earliest fossils of vascular plants and the relitives of spiders and centapedes.
  • devonion period 395-345 MYA

    devonion period 395-345 MYA
    the armoured fish go extinct during this time period. but an abundence of fish are aprearing, as well as anphibians and ammonights.
  • Carboniferous period 345-280 MYA

    Carboniferous period 345-280 MYA
    large swamps and coal forests were here this time, the earliest reptiles. scale trees, and seeds. there were alot of sharks and amphibians during the carboniferous period.
  • Permian period 280-225 MYA

    Permian period 280-225 MYA
    trilobites and many types of marine life has just became extinct. this was known for the largest mass extiction in all life.
  • Triassic period 225-195 MYA

    Triassic period 225-195 MYA
    this was the time of the earliest dinosours with an abundance of cycads and conifers.
  • jurassic period 195-136 MYA

    jurassic period 195-136 MYA
    this time was when the earliest birds and mammels and aundent dinosours and ammonites.
  • Cretaceous period- 136-65 MYA

    Cretaceous period- 136-65 MYA
    flowers were showing up and the climax of the population of dinosours and then the extinction of the dinosours were in this time period and there was a great decline in brachiopods and a great abundance of boney fish
  • Tertiary period- 65 - 1.8 MYA

    Tertiary period- 65 - 1.8 MYA
    the earliest placental mammels, modern, and running mammels showed up durin this period
  • Quaternary period- 1.8 MYA – Present

    Quaternary period- 1.8 MYA – Present
    this was the time period were there were early decendants of humans and mammoths or "mastadons" lived, then then the gorrillas turned into cavemen, then humans came to the earth and now basicly rule the world.