Nelson Mandela

  • White people came to Africa

  • Nelson Mandela born

  • Nelson started in school

  • Nelson Mandela pass his exam

    After he had passt his exam he went to Healdtown Methoist College.
  • He got into Fort Harre University

  • Jan Smuts

    He told that Adolf Hitler and Nazis were trying to destroy Europe, an all good people schold fight with England for freedom.
  • Mandela and justice Ran away

    They ran away because they didnt want to marry woman that there father had picked out for them, so they ran to Johannesburg
  • Nelson became a member of ANC

  • Mandela started a Youth League of the ANC

    It started Easter sunday 1944
  • Nelson gets marriage

  • First son born in 1946 his name is thembi

  • Their first dougther dies, after nine months

  • The three goals of the ANC?

    End diskrimination
    The right so Black people can buy land
    Full citizenship
  • The National Party become the new governmen

  • In 1950 the son magatho was born

  • Nelson's second doughter named Makaziwe

  • Nelson got marriage to winnie Madikizela

  • The first bomb go off in Johanneburg port Elizabeth durban

  • Mandela receive soldier training in Ethiopna

  • Nelson got arrested

    They found hes fathers pistol in he's suitcase
  • Nelson was sent to prison for 5 years

    3 years for telling people to strike and 2 years for leaving the contry without a pass.
  • Mandela got sent to Robben Island

  • Mandela got scared because he's friends got arrested

  • Mandela's speech lasr for 4 hours

    The sppech was the most famous speech in South Africas history
  • Justice de Wet compared the convicted men's crime to high treason but said that after careful consideration he had decided not to impose

  • He was 46 years old

  • Mandelas mother, sister, brother and daughter wisited him

  • Winnie was in prison for being ANC member in 17 months

  • Mandela tried to escape from Robben Island

  • All political prisoners was set free from prison

  • Mandela became president of the ANC

  • 62,5% to ANC

    20,4% to the national party and 10,4 to zulo party
  • Winnie and Mandela got divorced

  • Mandela quit the ANC

  • Nelson quit the job as president of South Africa

  • The new government's policy was Apartheid