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Apratheid Timeline

  • Period: to

    Apartheid In South Africa

  • National Party Gets Power

    National Party Gets Power
    On the 4th June 1948, the National Party was elected as the new government of Osuth Africa. D.FMalan was the new Prime Minister of South Africa. They almost immediately introduce the policy of apartheid.
  • D. F Malan becomes president of South Africa

  • Population Registration Act Introduced

    Population Registration Act Introduced
    This new act, classified all South Africans into different racial group, namely, White, Indian, Coloured, Black.
  • Group Areas Act

    Group Areas Act
    This act, divided South Africa's people into their differetn cultural groups. The people of the different groups were forced to live in certain ares specifically put aside for theat group. There were very specific white areas and very specific black areas and anyone caught living in another race's area was forced to leave their homes and move to another area.
  • Bantu Homelands Act

    Land reserved for black Africans becomes self- governed
  • The Defiance Campaign

    The Defiance Campaign
    The ANC launched the Defiance Campaign.the whole aim of this was that the people involved with it would try to break as many unfair laws as they could in the hope of them going to jail. If enough of them were arrested, the jails would not be able to cope with all the people and the laws would have to be abolished. Nelson Mandela was arrested in this campaign.
  • Abolition of passes and Coordination of Documents Act

    The name of this law is misleading. However, this law required to black South Africans to have passes at all times.
  • Women Protesting at Union Buildings

    Women Protesting at Union Buildings
    Over 20000 black women from all over the country gathered at the Union Buildings to protest against the new law that black women now also had to carry passes.
  • Bus Boycotting

    After bus fares were increased, the people of Port Elizabeth and Alexandra refused to go on the bus, instead they chose to walk to work. Eventually, the government put the fares back to normal.
  • Hendrik Verwoed becomes Prime Minister

    Hendrik Verwoed becomes Prime Minister
    Hendrik Verwoed becomes Pirme Minister of South Africa
  • The Sharpville Massacre

    The Sharpville Massacre
    A large group of black protesters marched to the police station in Sharpville to protest against the pass laws. The police panicked and without warning, opened fire on the protesters and ended u killing 69 people. Shortly after this, the ANC and the PAC was banned.
  • Nelson Mandela Interview

    Nelson Mandela Interview
    Nelson Mandela was asked in an interview whether the ANC would use violence to resist apartheid. He replied: "There are many people who feel that it is useless and futlie for us to continue talking peace wand non-violence against a government whose reply is only savage attacks on an unnarmed and defenceless people."
  • South Africa becomes a republic

    South Africa becomes a republic and is now called the Republic of South Africa, at the same time, they left the Commonwealth.
  • Nelson Madela was imprisoned

    Nelson Mandela was imprisoned after the Rivonia Trial where he was found guilty for treason. He recieved a life sentance.
  • District 6 is declared a white area.

  • Hendrik Verwoerd assasinated

    Hendrik Verwoerd assasinated
    Hendrik Verwoerd was stabbed to death by Dimitri Tsafendasduring Parliment.
  • South African Students' Organization

    South African Students' Organization
    SASO believed that all black people were equal to all white people. Thet believed black people should feel proud of who they were. One of its main founders was Steve Biko.
  • Steve Biko is banned by the government.

  • The Soweto Uprising

    The Soweto Uprising
    20000 school children marched to Orlando Stadium in pretest. They were protesting because, all of the black children were being forced to learn Afrikaans. They protested and the police ended up shooting 2 children dead. The children retaliated by burning down many government buildings and cars. 2 white people were killed. Today the 16th of June is a public holiday and is called Youth Day.
  • Steve Biko death

    Steve Biko death
    Steve Biko was murdered by the police. He was interrogated by them for 22 hours including torture, beatings and he fell into a coma. He died about 3 hours after arriving at a Pretoria prison. The police claimed his death was from starvation, but autopsies revealed that he had endured savage beatings which had killed him.