Nelson Mandela

  • Born

    He was born in Qunu, South Africa
  • Period: to

    Nelson Mandela

  • Father's Death

    Later of his father's death he was taken to live with his cousin another chief
  • college degree

    He got to go to college law degree
  • ANC

    He joined the ANC(African National Congress
  • Cousin wanted him to marry

    His cousin wanted him to marry but he escaped to Johansburg
  • Secretary of ANC

    He was elected secretary f the ANC
  • president of ANC and arrested

    He was elected president of the ANC and he got arrested because he did a peaceful protest
  • law office

    He invented his own law office in South Africa
  • arrested again

    He was arrested again by doing another peace protest
  • Anc banned Married and two dauthers

    Anc was banned that means it is ellegal to be in it and he got a wife and two dauthers called Zenani and Zinder
  • Was arrested again

    He was arrested again but for the hole life
  • USA helps

    USA is helping they came in action by not buying things from South Africa and stoped the lines coming to USA
  • F.W became president

    F.W. became president he said that he would free Nelson Mandela and the congress was angry but he didn't le t the congress stop him
  • Nelson Mandela freed

    Nelson Mandela was freed he had been in jail for27 years he was 71 years old
  • president of ANC

    Nelson Mandela became president of ANC
  • Nobel Peace Price

    Nelson Mandela and F.W. won the Nobel Peace Price
  • First election

    Nelson Mandela and F.W. helped making the first election to African American
  • President

    Nelson Mandela ran for president.He had won the election Nelson Mandela became president