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The History of South Africa

  • Apartheid

    Apartheid is an Afican word and it means being seperated or apart. It was a system of racial seperation. It was enforced by laws by the national party.
  • Seperated by Color

    Seperated by Color
    People had to be identified from birth by their racial group. The racial groups were white, colored, black african, and other. They said that a white had the obvious appearance of being white and is usually not usually called a colored. A bantu is someone who is usually accepted as a member of a aboriginal race. They could also me a member of a tribe of africans. A colored is someone who is not a white or a bantu.
  • Sharpeville Massacre

    Sharpeville Massacre
    Black protestors surrounded a police station in Sharpville and the police took open fire on them and killed 69 of them. They called this the Sharpville Massacre.
  • South Africa Declared a Republic

    South Africa Declared a Republic
    The national party had a vote to see weather they should be republic or not. The vote was restricted to whites. It was aproved by 52.29%
  • Nelson Mandela goes to prison

    Nelson Mandela goes to prison
    On June 12, 1964 Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison for sabatoge and conspiracy to over throw the government. He had to smah rock a rock into gravel everyday. He didn't get very much to eat either. He was realsed on Febuary 11, 1990.
  • Prime Minister Assassinated

    Prime Minister Assassinated
    The Prime Minister was assassinates on September 6, 1966. His name was Hendrik Frensch. His dad was a really religous man.
  • Homeland Citizens act

    Homeland Citizens act
    They renamed this act to the black states citizenship act. They were trying to make it where whites where the main population of South Africa.
  • Soweto Massacre

    Soweto Massacre
    More than 600 were killed in the Soweto Massacre. It was a clash between black protestors and security.
  • Steve Biko

    Steve Biko
    Steve Biko was arrested a lot and in 1977 he was arrested and killed while in the hands of the police. He was arrested a lot for his anti apartheid work.
  • F.W De Kerk

    F.W De Kerk
    Nelson Mandela was in prison for 26 years when F. W De Kerk released him.
  • De Klerk repeals apartheid Laws

    De Klerk repeals apartheid Laws
    On June 17, 1991 De Klerk repealed the apartheid laws. Some of the whites didn't like the idea of it.
  • De Klerk and Mandela Won a Nobel Peace Prize

    De Klerk and Mandela Won a Nobel Peace Prize
    On December 10, 1993 De Klerk and Nelson Mandela were awarded the nobel peace prize. They were awarded it because they were trying to create peace during the apartheid.
  • First multi racial election

    First multi racial election
    On April 27, 1994 they had their first multiracial election. Of course Nelson Mandela won.
  • Nelson Mandela becomes president.

    Nelson Mandela becomes president.
    On May 9, 1994 Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa. He was the first black president.
  • Walter Sisulu Dies

    Walter Sisulu Dies
    Walter Sisulu was an anti- apartheid activist. He was also a member of the African National Congress.
  • Jacob Zumas Criminal Case Dropped

    Jacob Zumas Criminal Case Dropped
    On April 8, 2009 they dropped Jacob Zumma's criminal charges. He had criminal charges of corruption, fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion. The ended up coting for him to be president.
  • Marikana massacre

    Marikana massacre
    In the Marikana massacre 34 mine workers(the mine workeres were on strike ) ended up dead. South African police tool open fire on a crowd of mine workers. It killed 34 mine workers and injured 78. Over 250 were arrested. The mine workers wanted to get more money.
  • Parliament Elects Jacob Zuma as President

    Parliament Elects Jacob Zuma as President
    Parliament elected Jacob Zuma as president on May 22, 2013. He was elected unopposed.
  • Plotting to Kill Mandela

    Plotting to Kill Mandela
    A leader of a South African Tourist group was plotting to kill Nelson Mandela and to over throw the government. A dozen of people were injured and 1 person was killed in the blast.
  • Nelson Mandela Dies

    Nelson Mandela Dies
    On December 5, 2013 Nelson Mandela died. He was 95 years old. He died from Respiratory infection.