Negative Interactions between the British and Aborigines

  • William Dampier

    William Dampier wrote in 1688 that Australia’s Indigenous people were ‘. . . the miserablest people in the world. . . [who differed] but little from brutes’.
  • Noble savages'

    Upon arrival 26 January 1788, Europeans regarded them as ‘noble savages’
  • Smallpox

    May 1789 smallpox killed half of Indigenous population around Port Jackson
  • John Oxley

    • 1817, John Oxley described how two young Indigenous men reacted to the sight of his party: ‘They trembled excessively, and, if the expression may be used, were absolutely intoxicated with fear . . ‘
  • E.S colony

    E.S established a colony on Swan River.
  • Nyungan's Death

    Nyungan was shot by European settlers while stealing food.
  • Myall Creek Massacre

    Myall Creek Massacre
  • Governor Gawler's Quote

    Governor Gawler quoted that black men are miserable and cannot be happy unless they’re like men.
  • Kurnai Population

    Kurnai population had reduced from about 2000 to 80.