Neanderthals Encounter with Homosapiens

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  • Neanderthals

    The Neanderthals are our nearest relatives. They are dated back to 300,000 years ago in Europe. Living alongside homosaapiens.
  • Homosapiens

    Our Specie of humans dates back to 200,000 years ago. First fossils of early humans were found in southwestern France. Have somewhat high foreheads,and small faces.
  • Neanderthal Weapons

    Neanderthal Weapons
    The neanderthls were very advanced in their weapons. most weapons used 42,000 years ago. Using stone weapons looking like most tools we have today. Most likely neanderthals used spheres and other sharp tools.
  • Homo Sapien Weapons

    Homo Sapien Weapons
    The early homosapiens made more tools than weapons. Used the tools for sculpting, Also used the tools to make clothes. made needles out of animal skin.
  • The Encounter

    The Encounter
    The homosapiens and Neanderthals had moved in and out of each others teritorry for a long time. Almost 40,000 years ago they had encountered eachother. The encounter was found by tools and weapons the both species had made were combined
  • HomoSapien trails.

    HomoSapien trails.
    The modern humans had left perxise trails when they left Africa. There are two major routes scattered with fossil remains. One trail had gone through North America, A second Trail went through Ethiopia with little to no fossil remains. possibly made 50,000 years ago.
  • Neanderthals in central Asia

    Neanderthals in central Asia
    Neanderthals had began to appear in Europe also 150000 years ago. However due tomost fossils being fragmentary it can be difficult or impossible to how far the Neaderthals ranged, They are more likey to extend 2000 km farther to the East.
  • Neanderthal Cave art

    Neanderthal Cave art
    Along northern Spain sea coast the cave called el Castillo has the oldest cave art. 40,800 years old. Many people thought Neanderthals werent cpable of such symbolic art. you find shell beads,bitc of ochre and ostrich shell eggs.
  • Homosapien mammoth tusk carving

    Homosapien mammoth tusk carving
    A carving which is atleast 13,000 years old. The carving shows to be a deer crossing a stream. made by a meber of a hunting group of the first archaic modern humans.