Nasa's International Space Station

  • First to Arrive.

    The module is used for a poer source and a fuel module tank.
  • Working Together

    The unity Node used for a passage way and a lving and working area.
  • Home base, Altitude adjustment and Sun Spots.

    The home base used for life support of aboard passengers. Altitude adjustment has a control room which allows the people on board control the altitude. Sun Spots, a P6 truss is installed and uses solar power for an electrical power source for the module
  • Destiny Laboratory, Arming station and the Walk way.

    the laboratory is delivered by a space shuttle and is the primary research area for the U.S. The arming station is used for moving ojects around the space station. the walk way is a part for the airlock which keeps fresh air inside the space station.
  • The Portal for Russia, The moving and Supporting Case

    The russiam rockets are delivered and is used for a docking port.The moving is the S0 Truss and is installed on top of the destiny module. Supporting case is a S1 truss will support solar arrays.
  • Skeleton Crew, Truss Walk and Foundation Segment

    Skeleton crew is a support system for the activeThermal COntrol System. Truss walk is a second port segment and provides a quarter of the power capability. The foundation segment is a truss thgat allows the solar panels to work on the 3rd and 4th.
  • Power Package, Setting Stage and Harmony

    The second and 3rd starboard truss segment is delivered and will provide an additional power source. Setting the stage is used to extend to place another part on to the space station. The harmony is installed and is a bigger room which expands the living and working space my 18 000 cubic feet.
  • Voyage of Columbus, Japan Flyer and transport discovery.

    Expands the research facility permanently. The japan Flyer delivers to the space station. Transport Discovery transports two different parts on to the space station.