Nancy Cartwright (24 January 1944- )

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  • BS and PH.D

    Cartwright received a B.S. (1966) from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Ph.D. (1971) from the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle.
  • Professor at multiple Universities

    Cartwright has taught at University of Maryland (1972-73) and Stanford University(1973-91). In 1991 she became Professor of Philosophy at University of London’s School of Economics and Political Science. She also heads the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science.( In 1998 she was a Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy at the University of California in San Diego.
  • First Book- How the Laws of Physics Lie(1983)

    In her book she argues that the laws of physics were not in whole the truth when it comes to the world. "The thesis is radical because philosophers have generally assumed that there is some set of underlying physical laws which, ultimately, describe all natural events."(
  • President of Philosophy of Science Association/President, American Philosophical Association (Pacific Division)

    In 2008 Cartwright was President of both of these associations.
  • LSE Philosophy: Nancy Cartwright

    I included this video to show a small profile of Nancy Cartwright's work. This is a part of her research of that time.
  • Carl Gustav Hempel Award

    Cartwright was recognized for lifetime scholarly achievement in Philosophy of Science and scholarly excellence. She is the fourth recipient and first woman to receive the award. Cartwright said she was “exceedingly lucky” to have support and encouragement from a wide range of people: teachers and colleagues, students, administrative staff, and family and friends.(