Mysteries in History

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    We all remember the Mayans, how could we forget? I mean, the Mayan Calandar, when people thought the worl was going to end. What happened to them though? where did they go? does anyone know where they went off to? They had much to do with our history and yet no one knows what happened.
  • May 1, 1119

    The Knights Templar

    The Knights Templar
    The Knights Templar was a group of men that were set out to take care and abide by laws that the Pope at oone point took over. Later on King Philip IV was given the authority to arrest every single one of the Templars because of their "Suspected use of Irreligious practices". they belive it was a false statement. If it is a false reason to have persecuted all of the Templars, then what is the real reason they wanted all of them dead?
  • May 1, 1474

    The Fountain of Youth

    The Fountain of Youth
    THe fountain of youth was something many people believed in. They thought that it could make you younger. Though many explerers looked and looked for it, they never found it. Who did find it, or thought they found it. Who created this legend? Why did everyone belive it was true so easily?
  • Jamestown

    There are many legends and stories about how they turned from the expectation of a perfect settlement to the complete opposite. The people of Jamestown began to turn to cannibals. What would make them go to those extremes when they all knew how to use the land to grow food, why did they turn against themselves to do such things.
  • The Man in The Iron Mask

    The Man in The Iron Mask
    A mysterious prisoner was brought to the Bastille. They say he arrived in the mask, he ate, slept and did with the mask. Until this day no one has a clue about who the prisoner could have been. All they know is that he was burried under a different name and haven't gotten anything off the name either. Who could be the Man in the Iron Mask? Why did he ha ve a mak in the first place? what was he hiding?
  • Jack The Ripper

    Jack The Ripper
    One of the most gruesome serial killers that was. He was never caught so his identity is still a mystery to this day. In England he is the most infamous Serial kiler of all time. Who was this mass murderer? Why did he kill the "Women of the night"? what did he want to accomplish or inform everyone of by doing such sadistic acts?
  • Amelia Earhart

    Amelia Earhart
    Amelia Earhart was The first Woman to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean. She did very well and showed all the guys off. Sh proved hreself as a woman. But something went wrongon her flight trying to go all the way around the world. Except there was a problem with her plane and she crashed. The thing is no one ever recovered a body, what happened to Amelia Earhart?
  • Bermuda triangle

    Bermuda triangle
    An undefined region in the North Atlantic Ocean. Ships and Planes have been known to have mysteriously dissapear in this region. No none knows exactly where they go.They have many theories, but nothing is for sure yet. Why does the bermuda triangle exist? how does it exist? where do the thins dissapear to?