My Technology World

By bzawal
  • Birth

    I was born, the most technolgical advance ever created!
  • Period: to

    Technology Life

  • Atari

    This timeframe was the first time I played the Atari game system. Favorite game was Kaboom.
  • Wired Telephone

    Wired Telephone
    I consistantly talked on the phone at this age on a phone that you had to spin the dial.
  • Push Buttons

    Push Buttons
    We got our first phone that had push buttons instead of the number spin dial!
  • First in Home Computer

    I remeber getting our first in home computer around this time, not only was it a PC but that bad boy ran on DOS.
  • SEGA

    SEGAAAAA.... Got my first own personal game consol called Sega genesis, had awesome games like NHL 95, Streets of Rage, and of course Sonic the Hedgehog!
  • My parents first Mobile Phone

    My parents first Mobile Phone
    I remeber them getting this first mobile phone vividly because that was the year I graduated 6th Grade. They would carry it with them everywhere. The only thing you could get on the screen was the numbers, and we only used it for emergencies.
  • Sony Playstation

    Sony Playstation
    Got my Sony Playstation and a kid from my junior high would burn me games for 5 dollars each, because with the first playstaion you could get it modified and used ripped games on it.
  • My first Cell Phone with car charger!

    My first Cell Phone with car charger!
    at 16 my mother required me to have a cell phone and paid for it until I was 18 for when I was driving!
  • Got an Ipod

    Got an Ipod
    Bought this specifically for Iraq deployment, to have something to do with all the downtime and to use in the gym.
  • Razor 2

    Razor 2
    Thought i was cool as a fan when I bought a Rqazor 2 phone. It was so sleek and small and had an awesome color screen, plus you could get all kinds of cases for it.
  • 2008 I got me a Playstaion 3 with an 80gb hard drive

    2008 I got me a Playstaion 3 with an 80gb hard drive
    This became the best system i ever had, and one that I still have and use everyday. It can use hard drives to play videos and you may surf the web, download off it, stream videos from it, and play games online!
  • Cell phone with a full keyboard

    Cell phone with a full keyboard
    This was the best thing since sliced bread for me, I was sick of texting with a phone that you had to push the button 3 times to get the letter that you wanted.
  • Iphone 4

    Iphone 4
    After my 3rd Iraq deployment I saved up enough scratch to buy myself the Iphone4
  • Today

    Today I still have my playstaion 1, playstation 3, and many of my old cell phones that I may or may not have destroyed. I currently hold the Iphone 4s in my had ans check it constantly like the rest of america. As time continues I believe we are all gonna get more involved and more reliable on technology.