My Side of the Moutain

  • Sam ran away

    Exact date unknown.
  • Sam learns how to make a fire

    Sam spent the first night in the woods cold and without a fire.
  • Sam finishes his treehouse

    His bed is to the right when you enter. He has a fireplace and he has some knotholes so air can get in. It is six feet in diameter.
  • Sam finished his bed

    Sam finished his bed made out of ash slats. It fits right on the right-hand side of his house.
  • Sam started whittling a shovel

    Sam decided to make a pit to trap a deer. He started whittling a shovel out of a board he found in the stream.
  • Sam digs a pit for a deer trap

    Sam wants to kill a deer. He needs a door for his treehouse and tethers for Fightful. He also needs a blanket.
  • First day of spring

    Didn't mention it in the book.
  • Sam finishes his deer skin pants

    It took him a while to make them
  • Sam's and Bando's raft is almost done

  • Bando makes jars for jam

    Bando digs up clay from the river bed and makes jars for the jam he is going to make.
  • September blazed a trail intto the moutains

    It says in the book, "first she burned the grasses. Yhe grasses seeded and were harvested by the mice and winds. Then she sent squirrels and chipmunks running boldly through the forest, collecting nuts and hiding nuts. She frosted the aspen leaves and left them sunshine yellow. Then she gathered birds together in flocks, and the moutaintiop was full of songs and twitterings and flashing wings. The birds were ready to move south."
  • Sam and Bando made willow-whistles

  • Bando leaves

    Bando leaves Sam. Sam felt lonley after Bando left.
  • First day of fall

    Didn't mention the date.
  • Sam meets Bando

    Exact date unknown. Sam calls the man "Bando" because he thinks the man is a bandit.
  • The Baron Weasel looked moldy

    Sam said "Today The Baron Weasel looked moldy. I couldn't get near enough to see what was the matter with him, but it occurs to me that he might be changing his summer fur for his white winter mantle. If he is, it is an itchy process. He scratches a lot."
  • Sam dragged the clay up the mountains to his tree.

    He decided to get clay to make a fireplace.
  • Sam finishs his fireplace

  • Sam was up and down the moutain all week

    "I have been up and down the moutain everyday for a week, watching to see if walnuts and hickery nuts are ripe." Sam said in the book.
  • Sam hosts a Halloween party

    None of the animals come.
  • The animals come to Sam's party

    Sam was about to pick up the party, but the animals come.
  • Sam meets "Mr. Jacket"

    Sam walked into town and met a boy he calls "Mr. Jacket."
  • "Wild boy sepected living off deer and nuts in wilderness"

    An artical in a New York tells of a boy living in the Catskills moutains.
  • Deer season begins

    Sam hears gunshots and relizes that his clothes ara a danger from getting him shot.
  • Hunting season is over

    Two weeks after deer season began, Sam has three deer hides and plenty of venison
  • Snow flurries begin

    "on that third day of December when the sky blackened, the tempature dropped and the first flakes sqwirled" Sam said in the book. It sounded like he was scared.
  • Sam is in a snowstorm

    Sam is scared when he is in the snowstorm because it is his first snowstorm alone.
  • Sam worries that Bando isn't comming for Christmas

    It's nearly Christmas and no sign of Bando. Sam worries that he might be busy or he decided not to come.
  • Sam makes wood piles

    Sam makes wood piles for winter.
  • Bando leaves

    Bando leaves Sam and his dad.
  • Sam's dad leaves

  • Sam took Frightful out

    They went over to the meadow to catch a rabbit for her.
  • Sam observes the deer are hungry

  • Horned-owl lays eggs

    Sam found out the horned-owl layed eggs.
  • Sam climbed a tree

    Sam climbed a tree with eggs in it
  • The sap in the maple trees started running

  • Sam is going to meet up with Matt Spell

    Sam is going to meet up with Matt Spell at 3:30 p.m.
  • Matt Spell found Sam

    Matt was in the woods and Sam was hunting with Frightful. Frightful flew off of Sam's arm and Matt saw it.
  • Spring came in the Maple

    Sam found horned-owl eggs in the maple tree.