My side of the mountain

Timeline created by sebastian35
  • Sam watches the great owls

    He believes they may have eggs in their nest.
  • They make guest tree

    They make a guest tree so they can sleep in there.
  • Sam left home

    Exact date unknown. The book says "I left New York in May."
  • The strawberry lady visits Sam's mountain

    Even though he didn't want to, Sam helped the lady pick strawberries then walked with her back to Delhi. While there, he was he went to visit Miss Turnerat the library and read a few books about hawks and falcons.
  • Sam's tree house is done

    The house is six feet in diameter. He can "stand in it, lie down in it, and there was room left over for a stump to sit on." By December he will have a small fireplace with a chimney. He'll chip out "three other knotholes to let fresh air in.''
  • Sam captures Frightful

    Sam picked the biggest of the nestlings. "The females are bigger than the males. They are the 'falcons.' They are the pride of kings." He plans to train her to hunt food for him.
  • Sam makes salt

    In mid-June, Sam made a salty flavoring by boiling hickory sticks dry. It made a thick, black substance. He used it to season his wild foods to make them taste better.
  • Sam's bed is finished

    The bed is made from ash slats covered with hemlock boughs
  • Sam digs a pit for a deer trap

    Sam needs deer for his clothes, his door, and food.
  • The raft is almost done

    The raft is almost done. Bando promised to stay until we can sail out into the deep fishing holes.
  • Bando is making pots for the jam

    They like jam. They eat it with hard acorn pancakes.
  • Bando taught Sam how to make willow whistles

    they went to the stream and cut two fat twigs about 8 inches long. He slipped the bark on them. That means he pulled the woodout of the bark, leaving a tube.
  • Baron wesael has a new coat

    The baron weasel gets a new coat for winter.
  • Started building fireplace

    Sam gets clay for a fireplace.
  • Next day

    Sam dragged the clay up to the mountain to his tree in his second best pair of city pants.
  • fireplace is working

    Sam gets the fireplace working.
  • That night

    Sam kept an ember glowing and got a light fast before the vistor could get to the door.
  • Sam is searching for nuts

    Sam is searching for nuts to stock up for winter
  • October 28

    Sam has been up and down the moutain every day for a week.
  • October 29

    Sam played with Frightful.
  • Got ready for party

    Got ready for the party.
  • Ocrtober 30

    got ready for the party.
  • There was something in Sam's room

    Ther was something in Sam's room last night, a small tunnel leads out from Sam's door into the snow.
  • Hunting season starts

    Hunting season starts and sam steals a deer.
  • Sam goes to town

    Sam goes to town and meets Mr. Jacket.
  • Sam gets wood

    Sam piles wood for winter.
  • Sam gets his third deer

    Sam steals his third deer and makes a suit.
  • Hunters are excellent friends if used correctly

    Dont let them see you but follow closely. Preferably use the tops of trees for this purpose, for hunters don't look up.
  • Snow flurries begin

    On that third day of December when the sky blackend, the temperature dropped, and the first flakes swirled, Sam was scared.
  • Article

    There is a article in the newspaper.
  • Sam wonders if Bando will come

    Sam wonders if Bando will come like he said.
  • Bando comes

    Bando comes for Chrismas.
  • Sam's dad comes

    Sam's dad comes for Chrismas.
  • Sams dad meets Frightful

  • Dad meets Frightful

    Frightful claws dad if he gets to close.
  • Bando leaves

    Bando leaves after Chrismas.
  • Halloween party

    Sam has a Halloween party with animals.
  • Sam's dad leaves

    Sam dad leaves him on first of the year
  • Dad leaves

    Dad leaves after Chrismas.
  • Sam makes snowshoes

    Sam makes snowshoes so he can walk in the snow.
  • Frightful catches rabbit

    Sam catches rabbit in meadow and Sam meets owl neighbor
  • The deer are hungry

    The deer came to Sam because they were hungry.
  • Owl has eggs

    Sam thinks horned owl has eggs
  • spring

    Sam sees Spring is here
  • Sam has to dig to get in his home

    Sam has to dig thought thick ice to get in his tree.
  • First day of Spring

    First day of Spring Sam meets Matt.
  • Aaron comes

    Aaron comes and Sam sings songs to him.
  • Sam sees the mouse that visits his tree

    Sam sees the mouse and feeds him nut meats.
  • A repoter comes

    A reporter comes and sees Sam.
  • Sam's family comes

    Sam's whole family comes to live with him.
  • Dad starts to build a house

    Sam is not happy that his parents want a house.
  • Sam hears and then sees a great horned owl

    Sam sees this as a sign that Gribly farm is a beatiful place indeed.